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Don't know where to start? Here's our super quick guide to purchasing Bulgarian food:

I need Bulgarian food (or drinks) for:

  • Myself. I want to sample the wonders of Bulgarian food.
    Get some banitza. Then get some lyutenitsa. Don't miss the sirene. Try the sharena sol. And you should definitely try the rakia if you want to sample some real Bulgarian spirit.
  • My friends. I want to surprise them with something nice and unique.
    Sirene is the Bulgarian feta cheese, it's super tasty and they'll love you for it. Banitza is another Bulgarian food item worthy of attention. If they are into spices, definitely get them these.
  • My Bulgarian friends. I have friends who are Bulgarian and want to pleasantly surprise them.
    They will appreciate a nice bottle of rakia or Bulgarian wine. All Bulgarian love lyutenitsa. You can also not go wrong with any of these sweets. And if you get them some Bulgarian yogurt they will be your friends for life.
  • A party. I am throwing a get-together and need to entertain my guests.
    All you need is kebapche or kyufte or karnache, some lukanka as an appetizer while you wait for the grill to heat up and a bottle of rakia or Bulgarian wine to raise the spirits.
  • Quality family time. I want to enjoy Bulgarian food with my kids and my parents.
    For the best family breakfast simply get a pair of Banitsa & Boza Family Size. Don't forget the yogurt too! Have a hearty piece of bread with lyutenitsa on it. For the full family experience, get the Bulgarian cookbooks and prepare some of the many recipes you will find there - your family will definitely enjoy it!

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