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The story behind Find BG Food - the world's favorite site for Bulgarian food

Lozovi Sarmi
Lozovi Sarmi

Find BG Food is an independent, family-operated online service dedicated to Bulgarian food and cuisine, linking communities across the world, creating awareness and distributing healthy, socially and environmentally responsible products. 

Find BG Food is a leading online provider of information about Bulgarian cuisine, food, recipes, restaurants and stores all over the world. With 300k+ combined monthly visits of its main website and its online stores, Find BG Food is possibly the most visited website about Bulgarian cuisine anywhere in the world.

Find BG Food is more than a website, it is a network of various websites and online services.

The main site, Find BG Food, is your local guide to Bulgarian food. Here, you can find Bulgarian restaurants, Bulgarian stores and Bulgarian wine and liquor stores anywhere in the world. On this website we feature several online stores which serve clients in the US, Europe and Australia. We also feature the unique Nameday Reminder Service, which sends out email reminders whenever there is a Bulgarian nameday. Find BG Food also features an excellent selection of great Bulgarian cookbooks.

Other website from the ever expanding Find BG Food network are:

  • Bacillus Bulgaricus — providing information and online shop for genuine Bulgarian yogurt starter,
  • Bulgarian Spices — providing information and online shop for traditional, modern, unique and popular Bulgarian spices and condiments,
  • Bugarian Rakia — with it's one of a kind rakia membership club where members from all over the world enjoy unique benefits and have access to exclusive rakia collection available nowhere else online,
  • Only in Bulgaria — a site dedicated to the funny side of Bulgarians and being Bulgarian
  • as well as many other sites and communities.

The Find BG Food Story

This story is about two friends from high-school — Ivaylo and Stefan — and their love for Bulgarian food. They both grew up in Bulgaria, where the words food and organic food meant one the same thing. They both liked cooking classic Bulgarian meals and of course loved eating them too.

On one of his trips abroad, Ivaylo discovered with great dissatisfaction what a non-organic food was. He was very surprised to find out that food can be prepared with chemically altered ingredients and that even basic foods, such as bread, are made with artificial fillers and additives. He was puzzled as to why people would want to buy something that is not natural when they can have the same food in its natural form. Soon, he realized that it was much cheaper to produce the non-organic, altered foods and hence, it cost less to buy it.

Being used to home grown, hence organic, Bulgarian food Ivaylo and Stefan had hard time finding the same kind of food they had taken for granted for many years. It took time and in many cases, a mere chance, for them to discover a handful of restaurants that serve Bulgarian food, prepared with natural ingredients, where they could enjoy their country's cuisine at its best.

As years passed by the list of Bulgarian restaurants that Ivaylo and Stefan had visited kept growing. They also kept records of the places they hadn't visited, just in case they happen to pass by the vicinity one day. That list also included Bulgarian stores as well and year by year it grew to a considerable size.

That's when all of this came together — Ivaylo and Stefan sat down one day, chopped some Shopska salad, poured some rakia and realized that they had compiled something that other people who love Bulgarian food can use as well. They had invaluable information where to find Bulgarian food. That is how Find BG Food came into being.

At first the site was informational only — it had (and still has) the most comprehensive online database with Bulgarian restaurants and stores in the world. But nowadays it has much more — it has recipes, Bulgarian cookbooks, online stores that cater to clients across the globe, an unique Bulgarian nameday calendar and reminder service, and more.

The information and all resources you will find on Find BG Food website pages is free and available for anyone to use. If you are a Bulgarian wine connoisseur or if you are searching for the nearest place to enjoy a meal with a sip of the unique tasting rakia then this site will help you find what you are looking for.

Some FAQs

How many locations do you know about?
Currently, our database includes 1k+ locations throughout the world - including Bulgarian restaurants, food & produce stores, and wine & liquor stores.

How up-to-date is the information here?
We try our best to keep our database up to date. Thanks to our visitors, we often here about new locations that we immediately add, and we also quickly find out if a location had closed down and we remove or mark it as such.

What's the big deal about Bulgarian food?
Besides the fact that Bulgarian food is generally a synonym for organic food, Bulgarian cuisine is centuries old and has developed out of the wealth of local and foreign culinary traditions. Bulgarians had managed to combine in a unique way several different styles of cooking, resulting in a blend with its own distinct features, originality and exceptional variety which we simply call Bulgarian food.

How about Bulgarian wine?
Wine connoisseurs and professional vintners know that Bulgarian wines are one of the best wines in the world. However that fact seems to be not that widely spread otherwise. Bulgarian wines indeed are excellent. They are produced often following a mix of traditional and unique technologies, many of them with histories dating back to the ancient Thracians times. Bulgaria has the almost perfect conditions for growing best quality grapes, hence the excellent wines. Its warm Mediterranean climate, combined with hilly terrains and good quality soils contribute for Bulgaria to be the second largest exporter of bottled wine in the world, second only to France. We want to mention, just for comparison, that the area planted with Cabernet Sauvignon in Bulgaria is about four times that of California.

I know about a Bulgarian restaurant or a store that is not listed here.
Perfect! Tell us about it. It will benefit our visitors and your friends who enjoy Bulgarian food.

If all the information on the site is FREE to use, how do you stay in business?
Making money is not our goal. We want to spread the word about good wholesome Bulgarian food. Of course, there are some costs associated with keeping this website operational. This is why you see ads on some of the pages. We also collect revenue from sales made on our online stores.

I want to advertise on your site, how do I do this?
Simply tell us about it. Advertising on Find BG Food website is easy to setup and super affordable.

What is rakia?
In case you haven't tried it yet, rakia is hard liquor from the brandy family. It is made by distillation of fermented grapes, plums, or any other mixed fruits and is the signature drink of Bulgaria. Its alcohol content varies from 40% for the commercially sold liquor, to 80-90% of pure firewater for the home-produced rakia.


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