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Our Bulgarian food and drinks online store is called The Marketplace. The marketplace has always been one of the centerpieces of Bulgarian culture and traditions. It was always on or around the marketplace where people gathered together to chat, meet, trade, socialize and make history.
We’d like to think that our online store serves the same purpose for all who come here to buy Bulgarian food and drinks and stay in touch with the Bulgarian traditions.
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Hi, Yes Rakia was wonderful Ron
Our friends own an apartment in Nesebar and have for 10 years. This was going to be our 4th visit but sadly due to Corona Virus we cannot come. We are thinking of other ways to spend our holidays and … Read more
Lisa T.
Hi Ivo! Buying Bulgarian food is because my soul wants it. My Bulgarian one. I am born in Bulgaria and experienced through this taste unlimited love. And also it tastes fantastic!!! Sardetchni posdr… Read more
Teodora T.
Здравейте Иво, Пиша ви на българки, защото предполагам, че вие сте българин. Впечатлена съм от бързата ви реа… Read more
Thank you,Ivo, for your email and for the wonderful cookbook. My family and I love, love Bulgarian food. It brings found memories of our childhood. The Bulgarian Food and recipes are the strongest c… Read more
Daniela P.
Hi Ivo, I was introduced to Bulgaria and her food from my ex and I fell in love with all the new and amazing flavours. Being in Australia we have only a small Bulgarian population so for me I like … Read more
Jodie M.
Hello Ivo, My mother’s father was Bulgarian and I remember him as a kind and gentle man. His youngest daughter, my aunt, who is still living, had many more fond memories of him. Plus, I love Bulgar… Read more
William P.
Ivo, The new website is so very well done! I can’t find anything to criticize or to suggest as improvement. I didn’t find any bugs, but of course I couldn’t possibly test everything. Great job! Much b… Read more
Tzvetko Kirov
Hallo Ivo, natürlich möchte ich gerne wieder was von Euch hören, das ist ganz sicher ein Eingabefehler von mir gewesen. Ich habe lange eine Möglichkeit gesucht an gute bulgarische Produkte zu ko… Read more
Sabine K.
As always, superb customer service! Many thanks!
Boris H.

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