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Our Bulgarian food and drinks online store is called The Marketplace. The marketplace has always been one of the centerpieces of Bulgarian culture and traditions. It was always on or around the marketplace where people gathered together to chat, meet, trade, socialize and make history.
We’d like to think that our online store serves the same purpose for all who come here to buy Bulgarian food and drinks and stay in touch with the Bulgarian traditions.
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Recevied well. thanks a lot! I will contact you again in few months for another order
David E
Great store!
Lena Fa
Dear Ivo, Our son married a woman from Bulgaria, and we have enjoyed visiting your beautiful country five times in the last ten years. We have become especially fond of the delicious thick yogurt an…
Vivia Lawton Fowler
You are the best! We yesterday came back from Sofia, your sausages are great! 🙂
Eugenia Dvorkin
Ivo, Your new website is great! Of course I had to purchase something;) Good luck with your business! Cheers, Krasi
krasimira georgieva
Здравейте, Поздравления за сайта, даващ възможност на българите в чужбина да не забравят вкуса на българско…
Вяра Якова
Thank you It would be good to get Lukanki
Tina Iankov
I loved spending time in Bulgaria – such a beautiful country! I spent some time in a Bulgarian home for a cooking lesson – a special recipe for Banitsa. When I came home with a copy of the recipe, I …
Susan Jackson
Ivo, Aged Sliva brandy is my favorite. Mark
Mark Weber
I just married a Bulgarian man and fell in love with the culture and the food. After visiting Bulgaria for two weeks, I found it difficult to find Rakia and Bulgarian foods in the United States. Than…
Sophia Fang

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