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Our Bulgarian food and drinks online store is called The Marketplace. The marketplace has always been one of the centerpieces of Bulgarian culture and traditions. It was always on or around the marketplace where people gathered together to chat, meet, trade, socialize and make history.
We’d like to think that our online store serves the same purpose for all who come here to buy Bulgarian food and drinks and stay in touch with the Bulgarian traditions.
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Hi Ivo, I like the high quality Bulgarian dry meats. They remind me of my parents. I use them for guests and holidays. Best regards, Polina
Good Day Ivo, Thank you for the e-mail and the cook book. I am Bulgarian. I was eight when my family left Bulgaria and have gone back a few times since then but not enough times. I know how to make…
Viktoria M.
Because I love Shopska Salad, and enjoy the food of the Balkan region
Dawn Howe
Hey Ivo, My family (wife) is Bulgarian. I love Rakija and miss Sharena Sol. -Paul
Paul Kuehn
I found out about you via an email from you. My husband and I have been to Bulgaria many times, love it dearly, and have many good friends there. We both really enjoy Bulgarian food and drink (espec…
Emily Lamb
Thank you very much. Appreciated so much for your great help. Very best regards, Hanna Lau
Hanna Lau
Dear Ivo, Thank you very much for your e-mail. I buy Bulgarian food because I do loooooove especially sirene. I used to go to Varna for holidays when I was young and I miss some of the food. Curre…
zuzana hruskova
definetly more bulgarian recipes please loving your site x
Sarah whitehurst
Hello Ivo Just to let you know I’ve signed up as there are some ingredients I struggle to get in the UK for good value. I’m British but I spend as much time as allows in Bg as I love the people …
Купувам български храни и напитки, защото съм българка. Живея в Швеция и много ми липсват нашенските храни. О…
Маги Георгиева

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