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Classic Bulgarian Recipes: Collector’s Edition

Classic Bulgarian Recipes Cookbook - FREE with purchase

Classic Bulgarian Recipes: Collector’s Edition by Ivaylo Piskov Hardcover. Full color interior. Printed on high-grade glossy paper. Size: 8.5in x 8.5in Contains more than two dozen classic Bulgarian recipes with detailed descriptions and full color high-resolution images. This is a collector’s edition high-quality print cookbook. Distributed exclusively by Find BG Food. Makes an excellent gift.

The Bulgarian Cookbook

The Bulgarian Cookbook

Limited time offer while supplies last. Regular price: $8.49. The Bulgarian Cookbook by Ivaylo Piskov Paperback. 84 pages. Printed on high-grade US trade paper. Size: 5.5×8.5 in Contains 143 classic Bulgarian recipes as well as recipes from other cuisines across the Balkans which are common for the Bulgarian table. Each recipe contains detailed preparation descriptions. […]

Nancy H.

Ivo, We have booked a Danube River cruise through Viking. One of the countries it stops in is Bulgaria. We are making a Bulgarian dinner on May 16th. I went on line to get Bulgarian food recipes and have decided to make Gyuveche and Bulgarian chicken. I thought that a Bulgarian wine for my guests […]

Ulf B.

Dear IVO, Basics for my Interest for Bulgarian food : — I love to cook — I am interested in ” World Food ” — I think via food it is a fantastic way to learn something about foreign countries. — In ” relaxing times ” I am surfing in the international recipe world . […]


Hello, My husband is Bulgarian and we are now in the states. I lived in Bulgaria for 2 years. I loved it! I found your website in search of Bulgarian recipes and was pleasantly surprised to find you ship Bulgarian food to the states. My husband’s baba just died and I am happy to bless […]


Hello Ivo, Thank you for uour mail and the link to the Classic Bulgarian Recipes Cookbook. The number ONE reason for making a purchase with you is that some years ago when travelling in Bulgaria, we not ‘only’ enjoyed the country, the people and the culture, but also the Bulgarian food and drinks! I fell […]


Dear Ivo Thank you for your email! Actually I did not realise that I was buying my yogurt culture direct from Bulgaria until I saw the postage cost. Then I was very happy as I hope to be getting the Real Thing. I first tried Bulgarian yogurt in Sydney many years ago, and believed at […]


Hello Ivo, Nice to meet you. My name is Hans (officially )Johan. I have seen your “Classic Bulgarian Recipes Cookbook” and i will certainly try one of those recipes. The number one reason that i buy Bulgarian food and drinks is that i have been to Bulgaria twice. Three years ago i went to Sofia […]

Marina L.

Dear Ivo, we look forward to receiving our order from you! We got introduced to Bulgarian food and Rakia through our very dear Bulgarian friend about 25 years ago.. He is no longer with us, but the tastes of his food and drinks are, they are unforgettable… We’ve finished the last bottle of Rakia that […]


Hello, The main reason we found you is because we were looking for chubrista for a recipe we want to make. We love to cook foods from different cuisines and have never done Bulgarian. We picked up some cheese and sausage as well to try.


I have ordered Bulgarian food and drinks for very special occasion – Christmas. But the first reason is because I am Bulgarian and I would like to feel this special taste on Christmas. I live outside Bulgaria for many years and I will never forget where I am from. I am happy I can buy […]

Julie C.

Dear Ivo, Thank you for your e-mail. I purchase Bulgarian products because my daughter, Elena, was adopted from Bulgaria when she was 10 years old, and she remembers many of the customs and foods from her native country. We live in a suburb of Chicago, and I was surprised to learn that in nearby suburbs […]

Daniela P.

Thank you,Ivo, for your email and for the wonderful cookbook. My family and I love, love Bulgarian food. It brings found memories of our childhood. The Bulgarian Food and recipes are the strongest connections to our roots, I think. We are determined to continue the tradition with our kids and grandkids, which we have done […]

Mario M.

Hi Ivo, Thank you for the Super fast delivery of my order. It was quicker than Amazon Prime! To answer your question from your email- The Bulgarian food and drinks are so rich in flavor and the unique nature of the different tastes they provide can easily beat any other cuisine in the world. The […]


When my wife was 21 years old she lived in Bulgaria for 18 months as a missionary for our church. I was also a missionary for two years but I was in Japan. In the United States it is easy to find Japanese food, but it is very difficult to find Bulgarian food. We are […]

Darina Y.

Hello Ivo, Thank you for your email. I have several fiends who introduce me to cooking and trying different recipes of Bulgarian food. Will definitely buy more. Thank you



Baklava is everyone’s favorite traditional Bulgarian dessert. Many would argue that baklava is a Turkish or Greek dessert, and they might be right, however the Bulgarian recipe for baklava is probably the best of them all. Made with filo dough sheets, walnuts, and as syrupy as possible, our baklava is to die for. Get some and try for […]


Hi Ivo We live in South Africa which has a mixed population of immigrants from most countries in the world. My parents were from Eastern Europe and the Mediterranean area and we ate much healthier than the average South African who bases their diet on meat and starch with a little vegetables on the side. […]

Diana B.

Hello My book club is currently reading Elizabeth Kostova, The Shadow Land and I thought it would be fun to have food mentioned in the book. I am hosting our club meeting on the 25th of March. I was looking at Bulgarian recipes and decided it may be easier to just purchase a few items and luckily found […]


I went online and liked your site. We have a Bulgarian national coming for lunch on 2/15. Tthat is my reason for ordering the items I did. We have checked out recipes on the internet but look forward to your cookbook. it will be our first tasting of Bulgarian food. We have traveled extensively, are retired and […]

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Here’s our super quick guide to purchasing Bulgarian food based on who you need Bulgarian food or drinks for: Want a deeper dive? Then read on!


Hi Ivo, Thanks for the welcoming message. How couldn’t one reply to such a kind request. It’s clever to ask for feedback to improve your store and services. I used to shop from but mostly I relay on the local international food store in my town. The reason I looked for more options is […]

Tikvenik – Pumpkin Banitsa

Tikvenik - Pumpkin Banitsa

A traditional sweet pumpkin and cinnamon twist on the classic Bulgarian banitsa. Made with multi-layered filo dough sheets with pumpkin following a traditional Bulgarian recipe. Bake in oven for 35 minutes. Large family size. This is a frozen item (see Shipping of Perishable Items)

Lyutenitsa Classic

Lyutenitsa Classic

Lyutenitsa (or lutenica, lutenitza) is one of the signature foods of Bulgaria. It is a vegetable spread made from tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants pureed together. This lyutenitsa is the classic style, finely minced/ground, often marked with several dancing people on the label (hence the name “hortse”), loved by generations of Bulgarians. It is prepared following […]

Lyutenitsa Coarsely Ground Style

Lyutenitsa Coarsely Ground Style

Lyutenitsa (or lutenica, lutenitza) is one of the signature foods of Bulgaria. It is a vegetable spread made from tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants pureed together. This lyutenitsa is chunky, homemade style, prepared following a traditional recipe. Try the unique taste of the centuries old Bulgarian tradition. Enjoy on a piece of bread or as a […]

Filo Dough

Filo Dough

Filo (phyllo)  dough is a kind of dough pressed in many thin layers. It is at the heart of Bulgarian cooking. It is used to make banitza, tikvenik, baklava and many other pastries. Contains 10-12 sheets. This is a frozen item (see the “Frozen Item” information below and Shipping of Perishable Items), however Filo Dough […]

Lukanka Karlovo

Lukanka Karlovo

Karlovska Lukanka is a variation of the classic Bulgarian lukanka. It is made following a specific centuries old Bulgarian recipe and is in fact the only lukanka with a patented name and manufacturing process. Made from a mix of pork and beef minced meat and a unique blend of spices, Lukanka Karlovo is everyone’s favorite Bulgarian […]

Kiseli Krastavichki Dill Pickles

Kiseli Krastavichki Dill Pickles

One of the most international Bulgarian foods kiseli krastavichki, or dill pickles, are everyone’s favorites. Great recipe, excellent taste. Main ingredients: Gherkins, water, vinegar, sugar, salt, dill, spices.