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Bulgarian Yogurt White Mountain (32oz/0.9l)

White Mountain Yogurt

White Mountain Foods has produced authentic, old-world style Bulgarian Yogurt for over 40 years in Austin, TX. They use only milk and live culture fermented for 24 hours in glass jars. The result is a pure, tart, high probiotic yogurt. Comes in glass jar!.

Bulgarian Kefir Starter

Bulgarian Kefir Starter

Kefir is a healthy super food, made form milk, fermented with lactic acid bacteria cultures, much like yogurt. Some experts claim that consuming kefir has even greater health benefits than those of yogurt because the kefir bacteria remains in your gut longer. One thing is certain tho — drinking kefir is good for you, and […]

Bulgarian Krenvirshi (Frankfurters)

Bulgarian Krenvirshi (Frankfurters)

Krenvirshi are the Bulgarian hotdog sausages. They have soft, even texture and flavor and are often made from pork, chicken or beef. Main ingredients: Pork, beef, water, salt, spices. This is a perishable item (see the “Restriction” information below and Shipping of Perishable Items)

Bulgarian Soudjuk Beef

Bulgarian Soudjuk Beef

Beef Soudjuk is another classic Bulgarian dried cured sausage which will bring the authentic Bulgarian taste to your table. It goes best as a side for your rakia. Main ingredients: Beef, salt, spices.

Classic Bulgarian Recipes: Collector’s Edition

Classic Bulgarian Recipes Cookbook - FREE with purchase

Classic Bulgarian Recipes: Collector’s Edition by Ivaylo Piskov Hardcover. Full color interior. Printed on high-grade glossy paper. Size: 8.5in x 8.5in Contains more than two dozen classic Bulgarian recipes with detailed descriptions and full color high-resolution images. This is a collector’s edition high-quality print cookbook. Distributed exclusively by Find BG Food. Makes an excellent gift.

The Bulgarian Cookbook

The Bulgarian Cookbook

Limited time offer while supplies last. Regular price: $8.49. The Bulgarian Cookbook by Ivaylo Piskov Paperback. 84 pages. Printed on high-grade US trade paper. Size: 5.5×8.5 in Contains 143 classic Bulgarian recipes as well as recipes from other cuisines across the Balkans which are common for the Bulgarian table. Each recipe contains detailed preparation descriptions. […]

Nikolay L.

Thank you for your e-mail Ivo, I like Bulgarian food and I found your store on the internet while browsing. I decided to give it a try and see the quality of the food( frozen staffs) that you have. Best regards Nikolay L.


The number one reason is because I’m Bulgarian and I miss quality Bulgarian food here in the US! Thanks for the feedback! Best regards, Kristian

Dobreff G.

Dear Ivo, I am of Bulgarian origin, I know and love Bulgarian food. Sometimes I like bulgarians. My friend brought it to my attention on the webshop, so I contacted him. I am excited waiting the products.

Darren D.

Dear prijatels at Bulgarian Food Europe. Thanks for your continued emails and offers and im grateful so keep em coming. Also i owe you a reply to the below email which is very late now so sorry about that, i just had so much to do recently and it slipped my mind. So to the […]

Maria K.

Hello! I like Bulgarian food because I am Bulgarian I order martenitza because my children like to keep our traditions


Hi Ivo. Tks for yr mail I had been in Bulgaria ten years ago and bought a farm house in Dobrin, Krushari. I had really enjoyed the Bulgarian food. And now I want to introduce them in Mauritius We will keep in touch B Rgds Thierry

Donika T.

I’m hosting a party where I’ll be showcasing Bulgarian food and drinks. I wanted to show the party attendees how many different and wonderful types of rakia we have! Donika T.

Gunner B.

Helle Ivo – thank you for your quick reply, but your mail ended in my spam filter, so I didn’t see it until now. But I am happy to hear that you can send rakija and other things all the way to Denmark, so we will find out of somethiung. You ask: What is the […]


Good morning, Ivo- The reason I like Bulgarian food is because I grew up with it– I am Bulgarian! Best, Liana

Ulf B.

Dear IVO, Basics for my Interest for Bulgarian food : — I love to cook — I am interested in ” World Food ” — I think via food it is a fantastic way to learn something about foreign countries. — In ” relaxing times ” I am surfing in the international recipe world . […]


Hello, My husband is Bulgarian and we are now in the states. I lived in Bulgaria for 2 years. I loved it! I found your website in search of Bulgarian recipes and was pleasantly surprised to find you ship Bulgarian food to the states. My husband’s baba just died and I am happy to bless […]


Thank you for your email. I ordered bulgarian food, because I really miss it. I will be your regular customer. Thanks again Regards Penka


Hello Ivo, You asked me to share why I am interested in Bulgarian food. My son married a wonderful Bulgarian woman and so I have visited Bulgaria for their wedding and then again, this year. They also visit me. I love the food in Bulgaria, and I also wanted to find a way to provide […]


It is wonderful Actually, I have ordered again, as i absolutely LOVE Bulgarian food Sincerely, LK


My wife is Bulgarian – we really love Bulgarian food and my English dad has gotten a real taste for fine Rakia – simple. R.


Bulgarian food is characterized by its beautiful taste, high quality and focus on nutritional value, and it is healthy

Viktoriya C.

This is the first time I am getting to send my little brother Bulgarian food which he liked as a child and it is very important to me. I haven’t seen him in years. Mnogo blagodarq! Viktoriya C.


Hi Ivo, Thanks for your email and the book, really appreciate it. Living the last 20 years in Ireland, of course I am missing the Bulgarian food, especially the Bulgarian cheese and yogurt. My daughter is going to Bulgarian school and one of the parent mentioned that he is ordering Bulgarian food and drink from […]


Hello Ivo, Thank you for uour mail and the link to the Classic Bulgarian Recipes Cookbook. The number ONE reason for making a purchase with you is that some years ago when travelling in Bulgaria, we not ‘only’ enjoyed the country, the people and the culture, but also the Bulgarian food and drinks! I fell […]


Hi , Ivo ! I came to live here ( Cincinnati, Ohio)11 years ago .I’m from Bulgaria and I really miss the bulgarian food and drinks.


Zdravej Ivo, It’s hard for me to write in Bulgarian without a cyrrilic alphabet keyboard, so I’ll do it in English. I’m from Bulgaria originally, but I live in Sweden. I’ve always wanted to find a website from which I can order Bulgarian food & drinks, because they’re soooo goood and they’re one of the […]


Hi Ivo I love the Bulgarian culture the Bulgarian food and the Bulgarian people and most of all my Bulgarian husband. We are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary soon and I would like to surprise him with a few of the Bulgarian delights that he loves and because of Covid we have not been able […]


Hi, the main reason I buy Bulgarian food is because I miss it and we don’t have a BG food store in Oklahoma. Kind regards, Dede


Hi Bulgarian food, Thank you for your coupon. I was very happy with my first order and just placed another one. Thank you


Dear Ivo, I ordered bulgarian food because my companion (Romain Petrov) is of Bulgarian origin and we both like bulgarian products and sometime cook bulgarian dishes. Best Regards, Marie-Elisabeth


Hi Ivo, Nice to hear from you ! The number ONE reason is that i`m Bulgarian and i miss Bulgarian food that`s why i found you on internet . By the way , there is no rakia in Sweden. Nowhere to by. End for the next time you have to ge in your assortment trushia […]


Zdr Ivo! Hope you are well! Or dare I try and say ‘Nadyavam se, che si dobre’ I moved to Bulgaria with my mum (Small town near veliko tarnovo) in 2017, I lived out there for a year, and came back to the UK due to my health & she rarely comes back to the […]

William P.

Hello Ivo, My mother’s father was Bulgarian and I remember him as a kind and gentle man. His youngest daughter, my aunt, who is still living, had many more fond memories of him. Plus, I love Bulgarian feta cheese and enjoyed kebapche when I had it. And I do want to try more Bulgarian foods […]


Hello, The reason why I placed this order is getting the kebabche and kufte, so I can introduce my friends to authentic Bulgarian food & create an experience for them. Milena


Hi, The reason I buy Bulgarian food and drink is because my wife is Bulgarian! I live in Maine and there is only one European Market in the whole state so it is convenient to be able to order items online. Thank you for offering this service! Hope you’re having happy holidays! Best, Logan


Zdrasti Ivo, As sum rodena v Bulgaria!Love everything made in Bulgaria .My kids and grandkids love Bulgarian food and talk about it all the time especially ,because they were in Varna so many times. My 91 old father ,who lives with me is craving SMYDOVSKA LUKANKA…I don’t know if it is possible to get …?!? […]


Dear Ivo, many thanks for the link! The reason mainly came from a city break’ s fine food experiences, we spent a few nice days with my Wife ( Sofia) in Sofia, generally i am a fan of the cuisine of the Balkans and often purchase rakija/ ouzo/mastika products and cheese,spreads as well. As .. […]


Hello Ivo! Are you the same Ivo from whom I occasionally buy yogurt starter? I am delighted to find this website! I travelled in Bulgaria a lot in 1968/69, hitch hiking from town to town. I always enjoyed Bulgarian food and would love to order from this website if possible. Andy


Hello Ivo, I buy Bulgarian Foods simply because my family and I, we are all Bulgarian people and we grew up with that food. Thank you. Nik


Hello Ivo The reason I am in love with Bulgarian food is because I am a bulgarian citizen , living in Israel , my grandparents were born in Sophia and Plovdiv and may father was born in Sophia. All I eat growing up as a child, was bulgarian food my grandmother cooked, and in the […]


Hello Ivo, Nice to meet you. My name is Hans (officially )Johan. I have seen your “Classic Bulgarian Recipes Cookbook” and i will certainly try one of those recipes. The number one reason that i buy Bulgarian food and drinks is that i have been to Bulgaria twice. Three years ago i went to Sofia […]


Hi Ivo, The reason is that as an ethnic Bulgarian I like and enjoy Bulgarian food and drinks very much. Thank you! Best Regards, Alex


My mom’s family is from Bulgaria so I ordered some Bulgarian food for her birthday. I was really happy to find your site on the web. Sue

Nancy H.

Ivo, We have booked a Danube River cruise through Viking. One of the countries it stops in is Bulgaria. We are making a Bulgarian dinner on May 16th. I went on line to get Bulgarian food recipes and have decided to make Gyuveche and Bulgarian chicken. I thought that a Bulgarian wine for my guests […]

Marina L.

Dear Ivo, we look forward to receiving our order from you! We got introduced to Bulgarian food and Rakia through our very dear Bulgarian friend about 25 years ago.. He is no longer with us, but the tastes of his food and drinks are, they are unforgettable… We’ve finished the last bottle of Rakia that […]


Hi Ivo, I wanted to order some Bulgarian food as a reminder of my childhood, and for my family to try it too. Thank you, George


good evening Ivo why I bought Bulgarian food and why I am half Greek and half Bulgarian. I have been living in Italy for 29 years and I don’t go to Bulgaria very often, at least not in the last two years, even before I didn’t go there very often. these days I was missing […]

Michele M.

Dear Ivo, Me and my family are very familiar with bulgarian food since we have resided in Varna for about one and half year in the far 1979, and will never forget that. Thanks and Regards


Thank you for your note Ivo. I was born in Sofia so spent my first 14 years in Bulgaria. Of course we have the best food:). I am happy to say my husband and kids like most Bulgarian foods, and quite frankly who doesn’t like kuzonak! Glad you have created this site. We have a […]


My mother was Bulgarian. I miss the flavors in Bulgarian foods so I thought to try out some of what your company offers. Darlene


Hello Ivo, I was born in Bulgaria, I love Bulgarian food an Slivova is my preferred drink. I drink it with my husband and family. Don’t you have representation in the US ? Do you also sell good lukanka ? Best regards Kaya.

Kamil K.

Dear Ivo, Thank you for the warm welcome. The main reason that I made my purchase at your site is the fact that in Poland restaurants are closed due to Covid-19. From October 2019 I cannot go to my favorite restaurant with Bulgarian food. So I decided to search for Bulgarian specialties it in the […]


Hello Ivo, I miss Bulgarian food as my parents and the whole my family are Bulgarian and me I was born in Italy, so every summer I was with my grandparents in Bulgaria enjoying the best food. As now I moved recently to Dubai and I could not find any products I was looking for […]


My girlfriend is Bulgarian and she always talks about the food, she misses her country a lot. I found the website on Google while looking for a place to order Bulgarian food.


I’m Bulgarian. And because it’s Covid and I can’t travel, I am buying certain Bulgarian foods.


Debat Ivo, My number one reason to buy Bulgarian food, that I want to make a bulgarian yogurt, and when I serchet I found your website. You have many varieties of yogurt and cheese, I like to try something different from what we have in Denmark. I am looking forward to taste your products Have […]


Hi Ivo, my whole family loves Bulgarian food and specialities, especially Rakija and ”Sarena Sol”. Nothing else in the world can replace those tastes. Almost all the other food we have learned to make ourselves except these products. I hope You continue delivering Bulgarian drinks and food to Finland. Best wishes, Emil


Hi Ivo, The reason I buy Bulgarian food is that my mother is Bulgarian, and I have spent a lot of time on holiday at my grand-mother’s house in Sofia during my childhood and I miss my lukanka and sirene! Best, Herve


Hi Ivo, the reason for purchasing Bulgarian food is I am Bulgarian and I can’t live without semki and I can’t rely or my parents anymore:) Thank you! Nora

George N.

Hello Ivo – I ordered this because I grew up eating Bulgarian food as both my parents were Bulgarian from Sofia. I speak Bulgarian to this day (even though a bit rough) as theres very few family to practice with but I still do. I love the food and my wife even learned to cook […]


Hi Ivo, I have been going to Bulgaria for the last 16 years would have been 17 last year hopefully this year, have some very good friends who have introduced me to real Bulgarian food in there homes so I am really switched on to all Bulgarian food & drinks, especially homemade rakia & red […]

Pete F.

Hi Ivo, I like to buy Bulgarian food and drink because I have been to Bulgaria many times, mainly Sofia, Samokov and Borovets and I love the culture, the landscape and the people of Bulgaria and, of course, the food and drink! Having Bulgarian food at home reminds me of good times with my friends […]

Tommy I.

Hi, I buy bulgarian food and drinks because I’m “polovin” bulgarian. I have a house in Ryahovo and because of the Covid-19 I can not visit it – so I’m longing for bulgarian food and Rakia. Regards Tommy I.

Karen W.

Dear Ivo, Thank you for your email. In response to your question, I placed my order to be shipped to one of my best ftiends, Atanas (Nasko) as a name day gift. I hope it gets there in time. I may have ordered from you before. Im unable to visit Nasko now, or to go […]

Anita H.

Ivo, Thanks for the coupon which I will use to purchase some lovely feta. My last purchase was a present for my sister and they loved it! I first encountered Bulgarian food when I toured the country by bicycle and loved every minute. The countryside, the people, and especially the food was exceptional. As soon […]

Larissa D.

Hi, I am Ukrainian originally and always loved Bulgarian stuff. Besides, I lived in Istanbul, Turkey and there were many similarities with the Bulgarian food as well. Cheers


Hi Ivo, Thank you for the amazing products! I enjoyed all of them, especially the liutenitsa selection and spices! My number one reason for buying bulgarian food is simply that Im bulgarian! I was raised in Brazil, so I always missed Bulgarian food so much! I was very pleasantly surprised to find your store! I […]


Dear Ivo, Thank you for your email! I found out about the site from my boyfriend who wanted to try rakia before he met my parents in Bulgaria. I was happy to know I can still purchase Bulgarian foods while I live in America, as I am Bulgarian, and even just the knowledge that I […]

Erick D.

Ivo, Nice to hear from you. I love Bulgarian food and love Bulgarian woman so I married one. I love my rakia with shopska, and my winter salad that I make homemade. I’ll send you a pic. I was not able to make our cabbage leaves for surmi on xmas eve. On xmas eve we […]


Hi Ivo, My ex-husband is Bulgarian and the kids and I spent a lot of summers in the village of Gostinia when they were little. His family is from there, but even after his parents died, my children were connected to the families in their village and we were always welcome. Having grown up in […]

J.J. B.

Dear Ivi, I like Bulgarian food. Some members of my family are Bulgarian. They let me taste he Bulgarian food. regards.


I have ordered Bulgarian food and drinks for very special occasion – Christmas. But the first reason is because I am Bulgarian and I would like to feel this special taste on Christmas. I live outside Bulgaria for many years and I will never forget where I am from. I am happy I can buy […]

Julie C.

Dear Ivo, Thank you for your e-mail. I purchase Bulgarian products because my daughter, Elena, was adopted from Bulgaria when she was 10 years old, and she remembers many of the customs and foods from her native country. We live in a suburb of Chicago, and I was surprised to learn that in nearby suburbs […]


Good morning Ivo, Firstly, I would like to thank your prompt response and delivery! Secondly, the reason for my purchase is: As I Bulgarian community, located in a small village, the importance of having Bulgarian food and drink on the table during festive period is greatly appreciated. Thanks Slava

Daniela P.

Thank you,Ivo, for your email and for the wonderful cookbook. My family and I love, love Bulgarian food. It brings found memories of our childhood. The Bulgarian Food and recipes are the strongest connections to our roots, I think. We are determined to continue the tradition with our kids and grandkids, which we have done […]

Daniele B.

Hi Ivo! I buy Bulgarian food because my husband is Bulgarian and I think a big basket with Bulgarian food + Rakia will sure be a great way to celebrate our anniversary! I love Bulgarian dishes myself and I’m excited because I found this website.


Hi Ivo, I am Bulgarian and that is the main reason why I buy Bulgarian food and drinks. Thank you, Stanley

Krasi Y.

Hi Ivo, I’ve been using another website for few Bulgarian products, but they do not sell any alcohol. I think your variety of foods and alcohol is amazing. I’ll be a returning customer for sure!!! My reason why I buy Bulgarian food and drinks is because I miss it! It brings back memories! I don’t […]

Ginka M.

I was born and raised with Bulgarian food .The natural organic taste is something I miss the most. I live near by Bulgarian store Fresh market from Naples Fl . The store offers wine but not rakia . I want for the holidays to have some . I also shopped with but the salami […]


Hi, Why I want to buy Bulgarian food and drinks? Well, my ex.wife came from Haskovo and managed Balkan Holidays here in Sweden and I met her in my job within the travel business. We went very often to BG and even got married in Plovdiv. We brought about 40 Swedes to the wedding. Believe […]

Marcel G.

Dear Ivo, Thanks for your message. Why I ordered BG food? As we are a mixed NL-BG couple living in NL my wife loves to taste the taste of “home”. Born and raised in BG she has many nostalgic feelings and of course food is one of those. We had a store 35 km from […]

Patrik D.

Hi! As the pandemy is making problems to travel to bg I had to stay in Sweden this year! Bulgarian food and drinks is not available in Sweden. I have travelled and worked in bulgaria more than 30 years, so rakiq is important. I asked in a Facebook group and got a link to your […]

Mario M.

Hi Ivo, Thank you for the Super fast delivery of my order. It was quicker than Amazon Prime! To answer your question from your email- The Bulgarian food and drinks are so rich in flavor and the unique nature of the different tastes they provide can easily beat any other cuisine in the world. The […]


Dear Bulgarian Food Europe, Thanks for the speedy delivery! Everything I ordered ( 3 bottles of Rakia ) was as expected! The Rakia tasted batter than ever. I recommend the Troyanska Slivova! I will reorder again! Благодаря и Наздраве!

Peter M.

Hi Ivo, Thanks to you I’m having grozdova rakia and thinking of good Bulgarian food. I like to know if you carry besides lukanka and salami specialties like suzdarma or Hamburski salam. Maybe you are out at this time but I like to know if you’d have it available later. Please let me know. Appreciate […]


Hi, the reason why I want to buy some Bulgarian food is curiosity, I’m a person who is curious to try another food, taste it and see the difference between Moroccan and Bulgarian food, and also because food brings us closer to the culture…

Freddy D.

I visited Bulgaria and Greece on 9/11/01 for a wedding and loved Bulgarian food from the beginning! I only wish that I could find Russian salad available for purchase.


Hello I buy bulgarian food and drinks because me and my family love it and unfortunately most of the food and snacks are unavailable in my country so that’s why we also decided to buy it through your website and can’t wait to have it 🙂


Dear Sir, I am very satisfied with the product I ordered 4 months ago (Rakia Peshterska). In future I will certainly place another order with Bulgarian Food Europe. Kind regards, Dieter

Lisa T.

Our friends own an apartment in Nesebar and have for 10 years. This was going to be our 4th visit but sadly due to Corona Virus we cannot come. We are thinking of other ways to spend our holidays and one of that we are going to have a Bulgarian food night – we love […]