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Bulgarian Krenvirshi (Frankfurters)

Bulgarian Krenvirshi (Frankfurters)

Krenvirshi are the Bulgarian hotdog sausages. They have soft, even texture and flavor and are often made from pork, chicken or beef. Main ingredients: Pork, beef, water, salt, spices. This is a perishable item (see the “Restriction” information below and Shipping of Perishable Items)

Bulgarian Soudjuk Beef

Bulgarian Soudjuk Beef

Beef Soudjuk is another classic Bulgarian dried cured sausage which will bring the authentic Bulgarian taste to your table. It goes best as a side for your rakia. Main ingredients: Beef, salt, spices.


Hi Ivo, We have a local Bulgarian store in Denver where I can buy most of the things I need. I like the convenience of buying online but I have to pay for shipping and wait. It just makes more sense to drive up to the store and get what I need there. I believe […]

Ginka M.

I was born and raised with Bulgarian food .The natural organic taste is something I miss the most. I live near by Bulgarian store Fresh market from Naples Fl . The store offers wine but not rakia . I want for the holidays to have some . I also shopped with but the salami […]

Ekaterina R.

Hi I buy food from you and Malincho because in my city does not have Bulgarian store. I grow up with lukanka boza lutiniza banitza rakia bira and rakia blagodarq! I cannot afford it very often because some time shipping is more than the food and I’m on little social security pension Tank you for importing was going […]

Nikolay L.

Thank you for your e-mail Ivo, I like Bulgarian food and I found your store on the internet while browsing. I decided to give it a try and see the quality of the food( frozen staffs) that you have. Best regards Nikolay L.

Darren D.

Dear prijatels at Bulgarian Food Europe. Thanks for your continued emails and offers and im grateful so keep em coming. Also i owe you a reply to the below email which is very late now so sorry about that, i just had so much to do recently and it slipped my mind. So to the […]

Arni A.

have three number one reasons – I do love Mediterranean cuisine as whole, Bulgarian brandy is excellent, because You have so much sunshine at Your vineyards and I can’t live without favourite wine of Winston Churchill (which is Melnik). Also I’m bit sad because You don’t have any vermouth in Your e-store. I love Bulgarian […]


Hi, the main reason I buy Bulgarian food is because I miss it and we don’t have a BG food store in Oklahoma. Kind regards, Dede


Dear Ivo, many thanks for the link! The reason mainly came from a city break’ s fine food experiences, we spent a few nice days with my Wife ( Sofia) in Sofia, generally i am a fan of the cuisine of the Balkans and often purchase rakija/ ouzo/mastika products and cheese,spreads as well. As .. […]

Gergely D.

Hi Ivo! Thank you for writing to me. The reason I ordered from your webshop is that our family lives in Hungary, however we are partly bulgarian. My great-grandfather was pure bulgarian 🙂 Therefore our family loves Bulgarian cuisine, but unfortunately I was trying to find original products like Kashkaval, but there are no stores […]


I’m bulgarian living in USA and I miss our cuisine/food. That’s why I’m looking for online stores to buy food and drinks.


Thank you for your note Ivo. I was born in Sofia so spent my first 14 years in Bulgaria. Of course we have the best food:). I am happy to say my husband and kids like most Bulgarian foods, and quite frankly who doesn’t like kuzonak! Glad you have created this site. We have a […]

Meggy H.

Hi Ivo, The number one reason I buy bulgarian is that I miss it sometimes 😉 I am bulgarian (born and raised) and in general I can find some bg foods in Russian stores near me, but can’t ever find rakia. And this is how and why I came up to your website. Thank you!


Hi Ivo, Thank you for the amazing products! I enjoyed all of them, especially the liutenitsa selection and spices! My number one reason for buying bulgarian food is simply that Im bulgarian! I was raised in Brazil, so I always missed Bulgarian food so much! I was very pleasantly surprised to find your store! I […]

Erick D.

Ivo, Nice to hear from you. I love Bulgarian food and love Bulgarian woman so I married one. I love my rakia with shopska, and my winter salad that I make homemade. I’ll send you a pic. I was not able to make our cabbage leaves for surmi on xmas eve. On xmas eve we […]

Julie C.

Dear Ivo, Thank you for your e-mail. I purchase Bulgarian products because my daughter, Elena, was adopted from Bulgaria when she was 10 years old, and she remembers many of the customs and foods from her native country. We live in a suburb of Chicago, and I was surprised to learn that in nearby suburbs […]

Daniela P.

Thank you,Ivo, for your email and for the wonderful cookbook. My family and I love, love Bulgarian food. It brings found memories of our childhood. The Bulgarian Food and recipes are the strongest connections to our roots, I think. We are determined to continue the tradition with our kids and grandkids, which we have done […]

Marcel G.

Dear Ivo, Thanks for your message. Why I ordered BG food? As we are a mixed NL-BG couple living in NL my wife loves to taste the taste of “home”. Born and raised in BG she has many nostalgic feelings and of course food is one of those. We had a store 35 km from […]

Mario M.

Hi Ivo, Thank you for the Super fast delivery of my order. It was quicker than Amazon Prime! To answer your question from your email- The Bulgarian food and drinks are so rich in flavor and the unique nature of the different tastes they provide can easily beat any other cuisine in the world. The […]


Greetings Mr. Ivo I previously bought some plum rakia from a bulgarian grocery store and liked it. While waiting to try some homemade rakia from the balkans I decided to order some online to share with friends. I found out about you online, you were one of the only sellers who could send your products […]


Hi Ivo, I buy Bulgarian products because I lived in Bulgaria for several years and I miss some of the familiar things like rakia or the spices that I used to cook with. I found your website simply by googling for an online bg products store. I decided to order online since my trip to […]

Vladislav L.

Thank you Ivo for your mail , I got Bulgarian food because I’m BULGARIAN .Sorry there is no store in Seattle. Best luck to your buissnes and thank You for my order

Viktoria M.

Good Day Ivo, Thank you for the e-mail and the cook book. I am Bulgarian. I was eight when my family left Bulgaria and have gone back a few times since then but not enough times. I know how to make and prepare most of the things that I have purchased, however I am a […]



Baklava is everyone’s favorite traditional Bulgarian dessert. Many would argue that baklava is a Turkish or Greek dessert, and they might be right, however the Bulgarian recipe for baklava is probably the best of them all. Made with filo dough sheets, walnuts, and as syrupy as possible, our baklava is to die for. Get some and try for […]


Hello , Ivo ! The answer to your question is : I used to live in Bulgaria back in the ‘80s . Bulgarian food was my every day’s food as everybody else’s around me . I liked it . Nowadays I sometimes miss it . It is not sold in supermarkets here in US . […]


After long one month, I finally got the package 🙂 thank you so so much for the careful packing. Everything arrived safely. I am using this site time to time whenever I need to give someone a special present. Rakia is a very uniqe drink here in Korea, very hard to find, one of kind […]

Agnes L.

Hello , Ivo ! The answer to your question is : I used to live in Bulgaria back in the ‘80s . Bulgarian food was my every day’s food as everybody else’s around me . I liked it . Nowadays I sometimes miss it . It is not sold in supermarkets here in US . […]


After long one month, I finally got the package 🙂 thank you so so much for the careful packing. Everything arrived safely. I am using this site time to time whenever I need to give someone a special present. Rakia is a very uniqe drink here in Korea, very hard to find, one of kind […]

Mastika 1L


Mastika is a typical representative of the large family of anise aperitifs. It is one of the favorite drinks in Bulgaria. There are many different ways to drink Mastika – straight with ice or in a cocktail. The most popular mastic cocktail is London Mist, or as Bulgarians call it Cloud, which consists of Mastika, […]

Thomas G.

Hi Ivo My wife ife and me were inBulgaria for holiday last year. I felt in love with the Bulgarian Mastika, especially after good meals :-). So I’ve looked in Internet where I can buy them in Germany. I found my favorite one on your sites with best price. So I decided to order my first time […]

Diana N.

Hi Ivo, I am looking to buy Bulgarian food and drinks because I am a Bulgarian who immigrated to Canada in 1997. There are some products here in the international section of a store and a few speciality stores in Toronto. But mostly I have to depend on friends going back to Bulgaria for staples like chubritsa, chai, […]


We have tried your store and ordered online in the past. We were extremely satisfied with the service and product, but we moved several years ago and really haven’t ordered Bulgarian food and drinks like we did in the past. We are now back ordering  Bulgarian food and drinks because we grew nostalgic for the wonderful Bulgarian taste […]


Ivo, Your store offers pieces from my life :). We, Bulgarians, all associate with food. And 27-8yrs ago when we came to the USA there was no Bulgarian food. Happy to introduce it to my son and girlfriend and our neighbours! Павлина

Krenvirshi Chicken (Frankfurters)

Krenvirshi Chicken

Krenvirshi are the Bulgarian hot dog sausages. They have soft, even texture and flavor and this variety is made of chicken meat. Main ingredients: Chicken, water, salt, spices. This is a perishable item (see the “Restriction” information below and Shipping of Perishable Items)

Where To Start

Here’s our super quick guide to purchasing Bulgarian food based on who you need Bulgarian food or drinks for: Want a deeper dive? Then read on!


Hi Ivo! My boyfriend’s name is also Ivo 🙂 Ivo Stanev to be more precise. We love Bulgarian food and travel to Bulgaria quite often. Another one of our friends owns Trimona yogurt, which I see you guys also have …yummm!!! WE LOVE TRIMONA ! One thing we are VERY happy about is that you […]

Van E.

Hey, Ivo. Mainly looking for the sheep’s feta. Went to a local store 2 times over the Thanksgiving weekend in my original hometown in northwest Indiana, and they were closed both times, so I had to return to my current home. No local ethnic or European food stores down here near Indianapolis that I could […]


Hi Ivo, Thanks for the welcoming message. How couldn’t one reply to such a kind request. It’s clever to ask for feedback to improve your store and services. I used to shop from but mostly I relay on the local international food store in my town. The reason I looked for more options is […]

Tikvenik – Pumpkin Banitsa

Tikvenik - Pumpkin Banitsa

A traditional sweet pumpkin and cinnamon twist on the classic Bulgarian banitsa. Made with multi-layered filo dough sheets with pumpkin following a traditional Bulgarian recipe. Bake in oven for 35 minutes. Large family size. This is a frozen item (see Shipping of Perishable Items)

Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy Shipping costs may differ depending on your delivery address. There is a shipping calculator at the checkout page, please use it if you want to check the exact shipping costs for your order. We ship all orders within five days of receiving the order, often on the very same day. We use a […]

Pusheno Svinsko Smoked Pork Loin

Pusheno Svinsko Smoked Pork

Smoked pork meat is very popular in Bulgaria. It is usually made of pork shoulder, ribs, leg, neck, etc. and it is always extremely tender and goes well as a side dish for wine and rakia. A must try. Main ingredients: Smoked pork loin.



Menta (spearmint, menthe) is a strong liqueur drink which is particularly popular in Bulgarian during the summer months. Warm or cool weather tho, this is a great Bulgarian drink, which can be enjoyed on its own or used as a mixer for many distinctive Bulgarian cocktails. The most popular Menta cocktail is ‘Cloud’ (also known as London […]

Filo Dough

Filo Dough

Filo (phyllo)  dough is a kind of dough pressed in many thin layers. It is at the heart of Bulgarian cooking. It is used to make banitza, tikvenik, baklava and many other pastries. Contains 10-12 sheets. This is a frozen item (see the “Frozen Item” information below and Shipping of Perishable Items), however Filo Dough […]



Sazdarma is another very Bulgarian meat indulgence. It’s usually produced from pork, beef, lamb or a mix of them, with a specific blend of spices including bay leaf, allspice and paprika. Goes well with pickles and rakia. Main ingredients: Lean beef,  salt, spices.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

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Kebapche is a classic Bulgarian sausage. It is made of pork minced meat and a specific set of spices. Kebapche together with Kyufte make the signature duo in every Bulgarian skara (barbecue). Grill for best taste! Main ingredients: Pork, water, salt, spices. This is a frozen item (see the “Frozen Item” and “Restriction” information below and […]



Boza is one of the most typical Bulgarian drinks. It is a malted drink, made from wheat. It has a thick consistency and has a slightly acidic sweet flavor. It is reach in carbohydrates and vitamins. Together with banitsa, it is a part of a traditional Bulgarian breakfast.

Lukanka Karlovo

Lukanka Karlovo

Karlovska Lukanka is a variation of the classic Bulgarian lukanka. It is made following a specific centuries old Bulgarian recipe and is in fact the only lukanka with a patented name and manufacturing process. Made from a mix of pork and beef minced meat and a unique blend of spices, Lukanka Karlovo is everyone’s favorite Bulgarian […]

Salam Petrohan

Salam Petrohan

Salam Petrohan is a favorite Bulgarian dry cured salami. Petrohan is a traditional dried cured raw sausage made with pork and veal and special selection of spices, including the very Bulgarian savory. It is lightly smoked and goes great with wine and rakia. Main ingredients: Pork, beef, salt, spices in natural casing.