Last updated: 08/08/2022

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When I have visited Bulgaria a number of times, I have in connection with various
meetings tasted Burgas 63 raki. Rakin is soft and very tasty and I have invited friends
who appreciated the drink.
I recommended as one of the best rakin.
Bo C.

Bo C.

I am Sofia born and love everything Bulgarian, esp. the drinks and
And Bulgarian music and language and people and nature and
history and slang.
I have even translated Chudomir into the Hebrew language.
Thanks again


As always, superb customer service!
Many thanks!

Boris H.

Interested in Bulgarian Food AU form submitted by Aneli


Hi! Now I received the rakiq! Super!
Tjestita koleda i ot men!
/ Patrik D.

Patrik D.

hi Ivo,
there are many reasons:
– 1st reason is that I enjoy and I like Bulgarian cuisine. I work in a company where I traveled very often to
Bulgaria(before this pandemic ) and I got the chance and pleasure to experience Bulgarian cuisine.
-2nd reason is that your website is the only one that is shipping products in Europe, because as you can
see I live in Sweden so finding a website that sends products abroad is very important. I found you
online..I searched for this type of website and your’s was the 1st one to appear.
would be good to see more diversity for ham and meat products.
Have a nice day!


My son just recently came back from Bulgarian vacation. He told me about the white and yellow cheese and I thought I would surprise him.

Kim S.

Thank you very much for the order.
It reached very fast.
Everything arrived intact .
Gabriel P.

Gabriel P.

My wife is Bulgarian – we really love Bulgarian food and my English dad has gotten a real taste for
fine Rakia – simple.


Dear Ivo,
Hello, thank you for receiving my message. The reason we looked into your site was to find
Bulgarian Lukanka, which my husband, who is Bulgarian, enjoyed in his youth, when he lived
in Sophia and laments that there is nothing which tastes the same in America.
It may be a while before we can travel again, and I would love to visit Bulgaria, but that is the
least of priorities right now with the whole world suffering from this terrible plague. When
things are brighter, and the countries can again exchange friendly tourists, we do plan to visit
Bulgaria. For now, I would like to order a few reminders of the culture that my husband so
Thank you, and Best Regards,

Angeleke L.