Last updated: 28/09/2020

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Bulgarian cuisine is unique and always comes up during conversations with friends or clients. I live in London, and
here is quite easy to find Bulgarian food, however I wanted to make a gift to a friend of mine living in DC, so this is
how I found FindBGFood. I have been talking a lot about our cuisine, and I am glad that finally my friends will be
able to experience the pleasure of having banitsa with rakia.


I used your services because I wanted to impress someone.

Mary T.

I am Armenian born and lived in Bulgaria for 28 years and here I still cook and eat the rest food as in BG. Years ago I visited your place believe was Egg Harbor and also was living closer to stores in Astoria. Nowadays my age and the distance are not letting me drive to BG stores in Queens . Thanks for being so nice

Arsha K.

Hi Ivo,
I love the Nova Brasilia coffee you have – I usually buy it from a local store but they’ve ran out. I googled the coffee and you guys came up.
Kind Regards


Hello again 🙂
I have found your website via search engines and social media.
As a number one reason I would say quality. I love trying out different products, but I still haven’t found a proper replacement of our locally made rakia, feta cheese or yogurt.
Everyone knows that you can’t cook a proper meal by compromising on the products.

Krasimir G.

I was happy with the quality of the food – one Lukanka and 2 bottles Muskatova!
many thanks and stay safe and well

Javor K.

Ok, let me know thank you so much! Great page and prices i love this company


Hi Ivo,I just stumbled upon it. I will definitely try this recipe. Thanks

annette b.

Hello Ivo,
It is not because of Bulgarian but I found that ARTISAN Kashkaval from Raw Milk, is an excellent cheese.
I wonder is your cheese is from raw milk and is not oversalted.


Поръчвам от сайта защото съм в Ню Йорк и всички български магазини са далеч от мен. И най накрая намерих онлайн магазин който има всичко което искам и обичам!

Петя Б.