Last updated: 20/01/2020

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Hi Ivo ,
My name is sonia & am a Bulgarian lady who is deeply inlove with the bulgarian food
especially lukanka & lutinetca….. hope my answer meets ur question.

Sonia Samsarouva

Hello , Ivo !
The answer to your question is :
I used to live in Bulgaria back in the ‘80s . Bulgarian food was my every day’s food as
everybody else’s around me . I liked it .
Nowadays I sometimes miss it . It is not sold in supermarkets here in US . So , I searched
online and found your store a while back . It seems to me , I purchased some food items from
your shop before .
My today’s purchase is a result of my search for Lyutenitsa ! I used to like it ; I remember
even making it myself with my then relative , while residing in Bulgaria . It is all in the past
long gone now . I just miss it sometimes and crave to have it again . When I found it in your
store today , I looked for some other items , I used to like , found them & added them to my
shopping basket too .
It’s nice to have a shop ( the online one , at least ) , where one can buy one’s old favourite
food items .
Have a colourful & beautiful autumn !
Thank you for having your shop with the tasty food !
Regards ,


Thanks. I was maried for 21 years to a Bulgarian woman. We still have contac, she moved back
to Sofia, is original from Blagoevgrad….. From the first moment (1989) I love the people,
culture, nature, Macedonian folk songs, food and Rakija.
Still love your country.

Willem Vreeswijk

Dear Ivo,
To answer you request: because of food intolerance to cow/goat/sheep milk proteins I am sourcing
possibilities to buy yogurt and other dairy products made from buffalo milk solely (no cow
milk/goat/sheep milk/soya added). From my work in Bulgaria in the past I know you have plenty of
buffaloes and very nice dairy products including ice cream. Looking around I found your company.
By the way, have you processed the order yet??? As I have not received a tracking number.
Kind regards
Irene Gold

Irene Gold

Получих ги, благодаря. Направих нова поръчка сега, надявам се да може цялата поръчка
на веднъж да може да се прати.

Miroslav BASHEV

I love Bulgarian Food because I lived and worked in Sofia from 1991 until 1996. The
food was great then, but simple and some times in short supply, but I spent a lot of
time in the country traveling around and sampling the food from all the areas. I have
friends in Sofia that I still have contact with all the time.
I buy the food from you as often as I can so I can remember those good times.
Curtis R. Solomon

Curtis R. Solomon

Dear Ivo,
everything was ok, the delivery was perfect. Lukanka, sudjuk and filetto Elena are very
tasty and in perfect conditions.
I will order other products in november/december.
Thank you very much,


Hi. I mainly cook bulgarian food because I think it”s the best in the world. So I usually
buy the things I won’t do at home because it’s “Once a year” thing.
I’m very happy to find them online.


Здравейте! Мерси, получихме я!
Тъи като на кутията нямаше написан телефона ми, неможеха да ме намерят, обаче аз съм се свырзал с тях
и отидах до склада на DPD и получих я сам.

Petr Petrosyan

After long one month, I finally got the package 🙂 thank you so so much for the careful packing. Everything arrived
I am using this site time to time whenever I need to give someone a special present.
Rakia is a very uniqe drink here in Korea, very hard to find, one of kind – since no pubs and no stores imports it.
So as Bulgarian beer.
I’m really glad that I found your site. Thank you!
I’ll just have to remind that the package will arrive in two to five weeks 🙂