Last updated: 13/07/2020

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Zdraveite Ivo, Az sam balgarka i nai setne otkrih nachin da namerja ljubimi hrani ot detstvoto mi v Sofia.
tova e – dovolna sam i tova e veche tretata mi porachka no ne razbiram zashto ne moga da ja potvardja i vse
izliza s cherveno da se saglasja s ulsovitaa no ne vijdam kade da podpisha. tova e za prav pat. chakam
speshno razreshenie na vaprosa merci sardechno

Iren B.

Добър ден Иво причината поради която избрах вашият сайт е защото не мога да намеря
Българска стока никаде около мен и кота видях сайта ви най-накрая мога да поръчам
нещата които обичам. Благодаря!


I was watching an episode of Chicago PD and Sgt. Voight was in a Bulgarian bar in Chicago
with a local big shot. He poured a small glass of Rakia. I looked it up and it’s content
interested me. I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Joe Z

Получихме го в понеделник, 30 март и благодарим. Само моля ви следващия път да дадете
телефона и имейла, на който да се свържат с мен в случай на проблем с доставката. Особено
Поздрави и се пазете здрави,


Hi Ivo,
my wife is from Bulgaria and I like the Bulgarian food and drinks.
I found you out on internet.


Hi Ivo,
Main reason I’ve visited and ordered from your company is because for years now I’ve been
going on holiday to Bulgaria and I absolutely love it, especially the beer! For ages now I’ve been
searching for a way to get Zagorka to the UK and only now since finding your website have I
been able to do that!
Hope you’re doing well even during the Corona virus.
Kind regards,


Good Day Ivo,
Thank you for the e-mail and the cook book. I am Bulgarian. I was eight when my family left
Bulgaria and have gone back a few times since then but not enough times. I know how to
make and prepare most of the things that I have purchased, however I am a PhD student
currently in the U.S. and I do not have the time and often the correct ingredients/spices to
prepare certain things. That is why I decided to purchase some things online. I found the
online store by accident. I am the Vice President of the International Student Union at my
university and before all of this crazy COVID-19 stuff started happening we were planning an
International Week full of events which would have taken place this past week. One of the
events we host each year is a Tea Tasting event where we purchase teas from around the world
and partner them with the snacks that are normally eaten. I decided to add Shipka and medenki
to this year’s tea tasting and so I was looking for medenki online, and your shop popped up. I
was very excited. I did not end up purchasing what I needed for this event as everything was
cancelled, but I decided at least I can purchase some things for myself and my boyfriend (who
is American) to try. I am proud of my heritage and am very happy that I will get a little taste of
home. It will bring me back very fond memories of Bulgaria, as I grew up in South Africa and
have not been back for over 6 or 7 years. I am rather nostalgic and home sick. I also think that
I have had some friends I know from Cincinnati mention you, once or twice. As soon as I
realized your name is Ivo I made the connection. You are well known among the Bulgarian
community in Ohio and West Virginia.
I look forward to receiving my order and I will make sure to leave a testimonial once I get it. I
am also positive that you have secured a regular customer provided that my current order is
executed well 🙂
Have a lovely day further.
Kind Regards,

Viktoria M.

I was always very satisfied with the goods. Everything great. Kind regards

Regina B.

Hi, It is just that I love Raki.


Hi Ivo ,
Thanks a lot for following up with me. It came on time and all is delicious. !

vasko y