Last updated: 29/11/2021

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Hello Ivo, 5 years ago I went to Bulgaria for a wedding. It’s a beautiful country and my
favorite became Shopska Salad! I ate it everyday. When I got back home, I was disappointed
that I couldn’t find the sirene cheese. I’ve searched for years and then I found your site. The
cheese came today, I have cucumbers and tomatoes from the garden, and I will have a
wonderful dinner!
Thank you (I’m also waiting for the yogurt to be back in stock)
Margaret W.

Margaret W.

Everything is all right. Thank you very much

Venzislav P.

Hello Ivo!
Are you the same Ivo from whom I occasionally buy yogurt starter?
I am delighted to find this website!
I travelled in Bulgaria a lot in 1968/69, hitch hiking from town to town.
I always enjoyed Bulgarian food and would love to order from this website if possible.


I am Bulgarian living in Seattle and miss some of the BG specialties like лютеница и кьополу.
Best regards,


Hi, I enjoyed sirene cheese very much.
KR, Heidi


Dear Ivo,
I haven’t had Mastika since I was in Bulgaria in the late 70’s and am looking forward to it.


Hello Ivo,
I buy Bulgarian Foods simply because my family and I, we are all Bulgarian people and we
grew up with that food. Thank you.


It is the taste of the meat and my woman are from Bulgaria. There are no such food here in
Norway with so many Bulgarians living here.


Hi Ivo,
Thank you for reaching out and for the coupon code, I just used it for my next order. I believe
this is my 3rd or 4th time ordering Pomorie and Burgas rakia from your website.
The service was excellent and the taste of the product, including the shipping and the provided
updates with tracking number.
Thank you,


Hey Fellows,
Today, I have received the ordered goods, everything is fine, thank you for the fast shipping.
Best regards,