Last updated: 17/01/2022

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Здраве! Thank you for this email.
One of my closest friends is from Bulgaria and I have fallen in love with the Bulgarian culture
and cuisine! I’m ecstatic to have found a source for Bulgarian goods to be delivered right to
my door.


Hi Ivo,
Thanks for your email and the book, really appreciate it.
Living the last 20 years in Ireland, of course I am missing the Bulgarian food, especially the
Bulgarian cheese and yogurt. My daughter is going to Bulgarian school and one of the parent
mentioned that he is ordering Bulgarian food and drink from Luxembourg and gave me the
website.Unfortunately I could order more products, but they were out of stock. I believe that if I am
happy with the first order I will be ordering more. We have a lot of friends here, which like ‘rakia’
as well as me, so I decide to get some as you can not buy it in Ireland and as Christmas is coming
this will be good present to advertise Bulgarian drink. I will have more feedback once I receive the
Kind Regards and have a nice day,


in my younger days I spent some holidays in Bulgaria and I liked it there – people,food and country.
In my old days I remembered.However with alcoholics it’s over.Now I need healthier food and
So long


Hello Ivo,
Thank you for uour mail and the link to the Classic Bulgarian Recipes Cookbook.
The number ONE reason for making a purchase with you is that some years ago when travelling in
Bulgaria, we not ‘only’ enjoyed the country, the people and the culture, but also the Bulgarian food
and drinks! I fell in love with Mastika Peshterra!
The second reason is that it seems logic and right to purchase from Bulgarian producers.
I found out about you when searching the internet.
Looking forward to the delicious Mastika Peshterra I wish you all the best.


Great, thank you so much! You have been so awesome through this process!

N. M.

Hi , Ivo ! I came to live here ( Cincinnati, Ohio)11 years ago .I’m from Bulgaria and I really
miss the bulgarian food and drinks.


Hi Ivo,
Everything was Okay and the taste is good, I see that you have a big choice of Bulgarian


Hi, Ivo!
Thanks for my package! The food is excellent!
Best regards,


Dear Ivo
Thank you for your email!
Actually I did not realise that I was buying my yogurt culture direct from Bulgaria until I saw
the postage cost. Then I was very happy as I hope to be getting the Real Thing.
I first tried Bulgarian yogurt in Sydney many years ago, and believed at that time it was the
best I had ever eaten. Since then I prefer to make my own, and where possible to buy
Bulgaricus starter, not always possible. We all know about the health benefits of Bulgarian
yogurt, but also the flavour and consistency are beautiful I believe. Although I have never
been to Bulgaria to know if this is the way you really have it.
I am very excited to try your yogurt starter culture. And thank you for access to your recipe
book. I shall read it and try your other food as well!
Best wishes


Zdravej Ivo,
It’s hard for me to write in Bulgarian without a cyrrilic alphabet keyboard, so I’ll do it in English.
I’m from Bulgaria originally, but I live in Sweden. I’ve always wanted to find a website from
which I can order Bulgarian food & drinks, because they’re soooo goood and they’re one of
the things I love about Bulgaria. (and yes, I can’t live without Rakija ) I found your site by
Google-search. I’m looking forward to the delivery of my order and if everything works out
fine I will make larger orders in the future. I was sad to see that you are out of stock for
kebapche, file Elena and Zagorka/Kamenitza, hope to see these available next time!
We are a large family, 5 brothers, all here in Sweden. One of my brothers is also named Ivo,