Last updated: 13/09/2021

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My mom’s family is from Bulgaria so I ordered some Bulgarian food for her birthday. I was really happy to find your site on the web.



While in Serbia last fall I had Shopska salad. I loved it so much and found that this is a Bulgarian dish with Sirene cheese. I wanted to make it at home, but could not find the cheese locally. (I live in West Central Georgia). I bought the cow, sheep, and goat cheese to try the shopska with all of them. By the way, if you have a good recipe to share, that would be great!
Kind Regards,


I love Lukanka since the 70´s. I always eat Lukanka when I am in Bulgaria, but didn´t know
that you can buy it online. My aunt wanted to send us Lukanka, but the post-office told her
that it´s not allowed to export Lukanka from Bulgaria. Therefore, I was surprised to see that
you are allowed to export Lukanka.

Alexander B.

Thanks, Ivo, it has been a pleasure to make business with you. All the best!
Tommy I.

Tommy I.

I haven’t tried the products because they were for my son in US (I leave in Canada), however
he told me that everything was delicious!


Hi Ivo
The reason I am returning is because when you try something and you like it you search the
whole world to get it again.
So you seem to be the only place in the world to buy what I want online.
Thank you for being there.

Geoff J.

Hi Ivo,
The reasons are complex starting from “I like it” (for the stuff I ordered) to “maybe some
Anyway, my order just arrived (to Hawaii).
My best regards!


Hi Ivo
Package received, thank you once again for a first rate service.

Geoff J.

Hello Ivo,
My eldest son has a girlfriend, Boyana, from Bulgaria. We have never met, but when we do I would like to
welcome here with food she may recognise from her home land.


Ivo, I don’t have the words to explain to you what your Velinka Lutenitsa products have
done for me…and others!. I can’t tell you what that jar has done for me personally. As a
Italian ( police officer, Detective Lieutenant in the task force in the Bronx,) I’ve tasted
everything that Arthur Avenue, has to offer in the way of Italian food. Arthur Avenue being
the Italian section of the Bronx, When I left the department after 23 years I moved to Eustis,
Maine, in the mountains, very close to the Canadian border. The food up here is so different
from NY that sometimes one can’t find the words for it. Catchup is sometimes used in
spaghetti ! ! But now , playing with my computer I found this bottle of red stuff from Bulgaria.
I can’t tell you or find the right words to explain what that jar has meant. It’s made my life
livable again. When I’m hungry I sometimes I gust eat it out of the jar! It has brought a feeling
of being home again in my grandmother’s kitchen…. I just have one gar left and now I can’t
have enough to give away to my friends so after giving away the second two and 5 of the big
box I hid one bottle for myself! AND I’M NOT KIDDING! I have given away all the cards
you sent me . I need some more. I would also like to know what other products that you have!
Please let me know. Thank you, Bob C.

Bob C.