Last updated: 24/02/2020

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My heritage is Bulgarian: first generation Bulgarian/American. So I grew up eating many
dishes, i.e. kebapche, which are seasoned w/chubritza. Can’t wait to sprinkle it on my next
batch of tarator!

Danielle K

Hi Ivo
I like the test of pearl and muscat
I don’t like 40% because I drink 52% but is worth it.
Thank you

Arben M

My husband is from Bulgaria and we love the food from there and we only go once or twice
every year and we cant bring alot of food back with us so it’s easier to order online!

louise b

Also I sae you sell mezzek wine I was wondering if you sell mezzek sauvignon blanc one at
all as I cant find it anywhere many thanks

louise b

was born in Bulgaria but left when I was 16. Been there twice and I enjoy the food.
The only problem I have with your site is the expensive shipping. I usually carry this
food from NY because we don’t have any stores here in Florida

Alex M

thanks for the email Ivo
wish you a great year for your business


Everything was perfect. I am planning to do another purchase this week. Btw is the coupon %
value or specific $ 🙂


It is my heritage and unfortunately there is little and unreliable supply in Australia.


Днес получих пакета с поръчаните продукти. Всички продукти са в отлично състояние.
Благодаря за бързата доставка.
Поздрави и приятен ден.


Good Morning,
I much excited with different drinks, mainly in can.
I’m a can collector.
Thanks. Regards.
Eduardo V

Eduardo V