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We had two Bulgarian nannies and I loved the food they cooked!
I have a question for you, why don’t you sell the Thracian Clay Pots? I dropped mine and broke it and I need to replace one.


Аз съм българка и ми липсва българската храна. Живея в Орландо, Флорида и наоколо няма български магазини или български стоки, вина, ракии, и т.н. Благодаря много за сайта!

Toni Tzvetanova

My daughter and her husband are adopting an older Bulgarian child and would like for him to feel at home. This is great!


I received my shipment today. I am super satisfied with my purchase. Thank you!

Alla Ostrovsky

Hi – I’ve been to Bulgaria a couple of times, and am applying for a Visa-D for a long term stay. When I’m away, I love to continue to enjoy the wonderful Bulgarian food thru you 🙂

Virginia E Hench

Ivo, how can I not be happy with the products and service from Find BG Food?! I ordered rakija on September 20 and it arrived on September 24, Independence Day. My wife and I order every couple of months and we are grateful that you provide the products and service!

John MacKillop

How can I eat a proper shopska with Riki’a if I don’t shop with you?! Love the site and the service

Renate Hartman

Thank YOU for the excellent service. This is the service I expect and have received in the past.

Renate Hartman

We just visited Bulgaria and loved the food! So we came here for more!

Sandra Lore

Alles gute Qualität. Danke!

Manuela Wähnert