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The new website is so very well done! I can’t find anything to criticize or to suggest
as improvement. I didn’t find any bugs, but of course I couldn’t possibly test everything.
Great job! Much better than the old one. Hope it gets online soon.

Tzvetko Kirov

Love your store! Thank you so much for carrying a great selection and some of our favs!

Grace and Ivo

Hi – I’ve been to Bulgaria a couple of times, and am applying for a Visa-D for a long term stay. When I’m away, I love to continue to enjoy the wonderful Bulgarian food thru you 🙂

Virginia E Hench

Hi Ivo,
I learned to like Bulgarian food from my wife who is Bulgarian. We also have traveled to Bulgaria for over 20 years and I love the food and drinks.

I hope the Australian site opens soon.


Jim Barton

I like to have a nice glass of some smooth whiskey with some friends while we talk and laugh

Justice Morgan

Hi Ivo,
Thanks for the welcoming message.
How couldn’t one reply to such a kind request. It’s clever to ask for feedback to improve your
store and services.
I used to shop from Malincho.com but mostly I relay on the local international food store in
my town.
The reason I looked for more options is because I found you have Bulgarian rakiq and wine.
Thought this a great gift for my American friends for the upcoming holidays. I always like to
show up to diner invitation with casual brown bag with box of feta and cashkaval. They love
What I personally would like to find in a store here is authentic Bulgarian items. Not made in
USA after Bulgarian recipes.
With all going on in food industry in this country I still believe food from out of here has less
preservatives, coloring, hormones and antibiotics, etc,..
I am all organic buyer, read every food label, and become vegetation exactly because of the
quality of the meet here. But! (smile) If there is around a Bulgarian sydjyk-made in Bulgaria I
become my old me. That’s my dear request for anyone who comes to visit from home, to bring
sydjyk or lukanka. It’s about that specific taste…
Good luck with your store and clients!!


Dear Ivo,
Our son married a woman from Bulgaria, and we have enjoyed visiting your beautiful country five times in the last
ten years. We have become especially fond of the delicious thick yogurt and rakia, and while we can find decent
yogurt in Georgia, we learned that nobody distributes rakia in our state. We look forward to receiving our order so
we can share this unique brandy with others.

Vivia Lawton Fowler

Thank you so much and I have just received the goods. Wonderful

Hanna Lau


Louis Kerr

Hi Ivo,
Here is some feedback. I will write in Bulgarian since I feel it’s strange two Bulgarians to have
a conversation in English.
Новият сайт изглежда далеч по-добре. Снимките определено са важни и ми хареса
начина на представяне, има повече от една снимка когато е необходимо и са
примамливи тези нарязани луканки 🙂 Има голяма селекция на ракия и вино. Това беше
основното за мен да намеря вашия сайт първия път.
Сега с това, което може да подобрите:
Смесени са производители когато се поръчва. Видях че пише ако искате определена
марка пишете, но когато се поръчва не е ясно какво точно сирене си купил или
кашкавал. На мен лично това не ми харесва, но вие сте си направили проучване и
предполагам сте решили че така е най-добре.
Когато се добавя продукт е само 1 бройка и след това трябва да се промени в кошницата
за повече. Аз бих предпочела когато добавям веднага да избера количество.
Разходите за доставка са доста високи. За сравнение преди месец купих 8 бутилки
Бургас 63 и 2 бутилки Мавруд и доставката от Калифорния до Джорджия беше $21.43 (а
вие мисля дори че сте на Източния бряг)
Почва мача, така че ще довърша друг път! Успех!

D. Tokova