Last updated: 22/02/2021

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Hi Ivo,
We adopted our daughter from Bulgaria 22 years ago when she was 2 1/2 years old. Every
year we celebrate her adoption and her heritage by preparing a Bulgarian feast. Our usual
dishes include hummus and pita, moussaka, lamb stew, and feta cheese pie. We have visited
Bulgaria 3 times and have become more familiar with the cuisine each time. I love Bulgarian
yogurt and have never been able to buy it in the US. I was delighted to find it on your website!
Many thanks,


Greetings Ivo,
I am ordering your products because there is no possibility to buy them in Croatia. I use your
buffalo yogurts as a way to get the probiotics for my body.


Debat Ivo,
My number one reason to buy Bulgarian food, that I want to make a bulgarian yogurt, and
when I serchet I found your website. You have many varieties of yogurt and cheese, I like to
try something different from what we have in Denmark. I am looking forward to taste your
Have a nice day


Dear Ivo,
I ordered rakia, because its taste is really unique, but even more important it is the taste of home.
P.S.: Мисля, че бихме могли да се разберем и на български. 😉 Хубав ден!
Kind regards,


Hi Ivo,
my whole family loves Bulgarian food and specialities, especially Rakija and ”Sarena Sol”.
Nothing else in the world can replace those tastes.
Almost all the other food we have learned to make ourselves except these products.
I hope You continue delivering Bulgarian drinks and food to Finland.
Best wishes,


Hi Ivo,
The reason I buy Bulgarian food is that my mother is Bulgarian, and I have spent a lot of time on
holiday at my grand-mother’s house in Sofia during my childhood and I miss my lukanka and


I have a house in Bulgaria and for the time being I can’t be there because of Corona. So
therefore I hopefully can buy liquer and food from you.
Tommy I.

Tommy I.

Hi Ivo,
the reason for purchasing Bulgarian food is I am Bulgarian and I can’t live without semki and
I can’t rely or my parents anymore:)
Thank you!


I am Bulgarian
Love rakia

Iliya I.

Hello Ivo – I ordered this because I grew up eating Bulgarian food as both my parents were Bulgarian from
I speak Bulgarian to this day (even though a bit rough) as theres very few family to practice with but I still do.
I love the food and my wife even learned to cook some from my mother while she was still alive.

George N.