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Thank you so much! I am very happy with my purchase

dilyana bell

Good day Stephen,
I have asked that question to myself many, many times and I do not have a clear cut answer. I am quite fascinated by it, do drink it but love to own it. I do gather (won’t say collect as the 60+ bottles I have is nothing in comparison with real collectors, not to mention value) but are not interested in keeping it to sell later, I hope to outlive my collection at the pace I drink it J. I love to read about it, go on websites to see if I can buy a bottle (living in South Africa does offer logistical and financial obstacles). I have attached a photo of what my best(?) whisky collection, should you be interested.


Good morning, Ivo!
It’s so nice. I appreciate your efforts to provide the stuff on time. Now is my turn to be a great
chef 🙂 and present Bulgarian cuisine in a proper way.
Thanks for your response and have a great day!

Galin Manev

thank you so much, i am pregnant and i dream every day of boza

isabel B.

So everyone loved the stuff we got so much so far that I already placed another order of sweets and things that I didn’t ask for on your website for another few hundred dollars. As with everything else if you are out of anything just substitute whatever you like. Also I wanted to know if it is better for you as far as you making more money is it better for me to order on the site (and not bother you so much) or just email you and have you put packages together for me. And one last question. Do you have a distributor or do you have things direct shipped from Bulgaria. If you have it direct shipped is there a way to put in some special requests of
things that might not be on your site?
Thanks again!


We’re fine and we loved the Khan Krum and Mavrud from our last purchase. We’ll be back

Charles Bishop

Hi Ivo,
I like your new website. Very easy to navigate and use. Great descriptions and
photos of the items. Well done! Will be working on my “real” order soon.

Bobbie Griffin

Hey Ivo, I just signed up!”
What is the number ONE thing you would like Find BG Food to offer? – Телешка

Rosen Todorov

Hi Ivo,
Thank you very much for your willingness to work with me on this. This is one thing I miss about living in Bulgaria, it is rare to find such an attitude in the US these days.
Maika mi oshte ne probvala banitza I az shte ya gotvi za neya. Haide da me se kajete kato imate po Shumensko na magazina, a pak shte vi blagodarim za tvoyat website. Mnogo pozdravi a da ste jiv i zdrav! 🙂
Best regards,

Damian Salvo

My name is Kaloyan Gyumishev. My wife and I just moved to Orlando area from Chicago
where you can find Bg products anywhere on the west side of town. Here in Orlando is totally
different story. It is nice that you can find basics on your site! One thing that you may want to
add is Mercury Foods spice mixes… Like the one for “Snejanka” salad or for chicken paprika,
kufteta etc.
I hope that was helpful.

Kaly Gyumishev