Last updated: 19/07/2021

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I was reading an article about Lyutenitsa and I knew I had to try it! I’m actually quite
fascinated with the pepper roaster used to make it – the countertop appliance but apparently
it’s not easy to acquire one here in the US. I love to try other foods from lands I have not
visited yet. I believe a start to learning about people and culture is through food!
I love having a direct source to foods not readily available at most places.
Thank you for reaching out,
Kevin H.

Kevin H.

We have booked a Danube River cruise through Viking. One of the countries it
stops in is Bulgaria. We are making a Bulgarian dinner on May 16th. I went on line
to get Bulgarian food recipes and have decided to make Gyuveche and Bulgarian
chicken. I thought that a Bulgarian wine for my guests would be a perfect addition.
I was too afraid to try rakia as I don not like oozo or akvavit. This is why I must receive
the Bulgarian wine before the dinner.

Nancy H.

Hi Ivo,
Thank you for your email, that is a good question to ask. I have been to Bulgaria and love
Bulgarian products that I want to buy them now during the pandemic too.


Dear Ivo,
we look forward to receiving our order from you!
We got introduced to Bulgarian food and Rakia through our very dear Bulgarian friend about
25 years ago..
He is no longer with us, but the tastes of his food and drinks are, they are unforgettable…
We’ve finished the last bottle of Rakia that he brought us some years ago, so I decided to see
if we could order online, before we make it to Bulgaria in person.
That is how I found your website)
Thank you for the recipes, I always wanted to try to make Banitza myself
Kind regards,
Marina L.

Marina L.

Honestly my long distance boyfriend I’d the love of my life and has helped me through the
hardest time of my life. His family well half is from montenegro and he remembers having
this buy hasn’t in over a decade. I just wanted to give him a piece of home.


I am Bulgarian. I came to USA about 20 years ago

Pavlina B.

Hi Ivo. Thank you for following up. My mechanic is from Bulgaria, and I bought a few items
to say thank you, and some items for my wife and I to try. Really like your website and the
ease of browsing it and checking out.


Обичам българска скара , а не съм си ходила в България от 2012.

Marianne D.

Hi Ivo,
I wanted to order some Bulgarian food as a reminder of my childhood, and for my family to try it too.
Thank you,


I spend a lot of time in Sunny Beach and I need someone who can provide the food we had there