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Hallo Ivo,
wir trinken gern Mastika Peshtera.
Für uns ist es der beste Anis-Schnaps.
Liebe Grüße


Thank you so much, Ivo!
I’m looking forward to trying Bulgarian food. Is there any product you can say It’s a must I have to try?
Thanks again!


Thank you, Veneta. The parcel was successfully delivered to me.
Best regards,
Daniel Baskin

Daniel Baskin

Dear Ivo
Thanks for the email.
Yes I like your products very much.
Unfortunately your products are not available in UNITED States.
That’s the reason I’m interested to imorpt and intruduc them to US market.
I contacted Bulgarian Embassy & Agriculture Ministry in Sofia several times with no success.
Please send me a couple of samples for my clients in food industry and the price /kg and nutritional value.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Roya Songhorian

Travel there annually and want to share a taste of Bulgaria when we return home

Peggy Harrison

Здрасти Иво,
отговорът е : защото съм българин и обичам България!

Aleksander Kirkov

здравей Иво,
We sing Bulgarian songs
and the Пещерската ракия takes us to the Bulgarian emotion and sound
I must ask my friends if they also want rakija,
than I will order some bottles,
поздрави,, Hedwig,
the person behind Balkankoor Kitka in Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Hedwig Schoots

Hi Ivo,
I liked the food very much, thank you! I soon plan to place another order.
Although we can buy some similar items in Russia (Russia is only about 2 km from my house,) the Russian food isn’t exactly the same,)
Best regards,

Daniel Baskin

MY Bulgarian Friend has a new baby and we’re doing the 40 day celebration, with dinner, for her and baby.


Hi Ivo
Thank you for your response, The reason that I am on the keto diet and the only allowed yoghurt is a Bulgarian yoghurt.