Last updated: 03/05/2021

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Здравей Иво,
Благодаря за емайла. Аз съм българка по народност и живея във Великобритания.
Намерих страницата в интернет когато търсех онлйн за българска храна и ракия.
Чакаме пратката с нетърпение.


Blagodaria ,or dista vreme kupuvam ot tozi sait I sam mnogo dovolna.Vinagi!No dneshna mi
order reshih da zaradi visokata cena na dostavkata.Inache vinagi hranata e Bila na nico.

Zlatka R.

Thanks for checking in! This was my first time using the website – the Velika lutenitsa is my favorite!


Dear Ivo
I hope you are well.
You probably don’t recall, but during my husband’s last year of life, and since, our Bulgarian friend
has been my rock. I’ve cooked for him since, as a way to show how much his friendship and support
was appreciated. You ,made many suggestions, but not least of which insisting that I make yoghurt,
which I did, and it was a great success. He was impressed with the meal, and touched that I had
taken the time. You made me look golden. Thank you.
Can you suggest something for Easter dinner? I know this is above and beyond to ask, but you’re my
resident expert on such matters.
Whether you help me or not, I think you are the BEST. Stay well.


Причината да поръчвам при вас е само една– аз съм българин.
С уважение Красимир К.

Красимир К.

Hi Ivo – thanks for the note. Number One reason – Bulgarian wife 🙂 Just kidding,
I like the food really. And I found you with google.
All the best, Lou


Hi Ivo,
Thank you for your email, it is great to hear from you.
Absolutely, that sounds like a good plan; let’s go with it.
I enjoyed browsing your site!
Best wishes,


Sending you a psychic HUG. Thanks for everything.
Be well, my friend.


Здравейте Иво,
аз съм българка която по настоящем живее в чужбина. Ракия и мартеници не са продукти които лесно могат да се намерят в магазините ….


When I found this website I was so happy,so I ordered my favorite goat cheese and violet hard candy and more..In a week later when it came in a mail I got way more axided and when I tasted the food I ordered from this amazing website I felt like I was back in my country. Thank you guys for this opportunity. I’m looking forward to using this website more often and I also show it to my bulgarian friends that live in the United States. I just really wish this company or organization or a market to be closer to my Sweet Home Alabama, and I wish they would have Capy the peach drink, and more. But still I am happy I get to taste something very variable to me.