Last updated: 06/04/2020

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Hi Ivo
Although I’ve never been to Bulgaria one thing I’m mad about is Troyan Plum Brandy. Slivovitz or Raika is not a drink we get in Ireland anywhere, but during my travels through Europe I’ve acquired the taste for it.
We used to buy it on Amazon but its been getting gradually getting more and more expensive with numerous problems with delivery. So to my excitement I found your website, a new source of this beautiful cure for all of life’s troubles.
Can’t wait for your delivery
Kind regards


Zdravey Ivo!
Drago mi e da se 4uem, njakoy den moje i da se zapoznaem!
Az jiveja ot dosta godini v Avstria i moite prijateli ve4e sa sviknali da polu4avat ot men to4no rakija kato podarak- razbirase i az obi4am da pija,ama ne 4ak tolkova!
Blagodarja mnogo i za knigata s rezepti- 6te ja printiram spezialno za jena mi!!!
Spezialni pozdravi i uspe6en business!


Hi Ivo!
Thank you for the email, so happy to have come across your website as my husband is Bulgarian and we haven’t been able to travel there for a few years now, and he is craving everything but especially lyutenitsa – so I ordered a few goodies for him as a surprise
Can’t wait for everything to arrive and I am sure he will be thrilled, and I am sure we will order again in future too.
Very glad you offer your shipping with a courier, as our postal service is terrible and they are always losing/breaking things.

Carli A.

dear ivo
I was born in Bulgaria 1940
at the age of 9 moved to israel
surprisingly I still fill that Bulgaria is my home land.
I have Bulgarian passport, have visited many times for ski mainly.
I drink grozdova
cook fasul chorba with chubritza (I learned from my mother a lot of dishes)
I listen to Bulgarian music
I cry when I hear mnogo ya leta by boris Christoph.
in short I am Bulgarian living temporary in israel.
thank you for the personal touch
I think this will be the beginning of a long friendship
I found you looking for Italian


many thanks for the prompt delivery!

Taj V.

Dear Ivo,
before 1989 I was in Bulgaria very often. I love Bulgaria, the people, the country and the food. I haven’t been to Bulgaria for a while, so I wanted to buy a few things that I love. Actually, I particularly like Bulgarian Rakia, but this time I haven’t bought one yet. The next time. I chose your shop because I could get several things there that I would otherwise have had to buy in several other shops. So everything is from a single source. Unfortunately there are not many products in stock with you. This is a shame and could lead me to another seller next time.
I wish you success


Hi, Ivo.
We lived in Bulgaria for two years, learned to make wine and rakia with friends, enjoyed fantastic meals, took folk dancing lessons, and traveled to every corner of the country. We occasionally order things from you to remind us of those wonderful experiences.
Vschichko khubovo,


Good morning Ivo.
my husband is craving (he is bulgarian) the luytenitsa.
Thank you,


blagodaria vi mnogo


Thanks again for everything!
Now I’m really satisfied!

Spassimir S.