Last updated: 12/04/2021

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Иво здавейте,
Поръчах, най-вече заради лютеницата. Тук в Швеция няма нищо, което може да я


Dear Ivo,
Thank you for your email.
I tried for years the Bulgarian cheese, and even I baked my favorite bread just eating with the Bulgarian cheese.
But I like to try some other products .
With best regards


My girlfriend is Bulgarian and she always talks about the food, she misses her country a lot. I
found the website on Google while looking for a place to order Bulgarian food.


Hi Ivo,
Thank you for your email.
I ordered the Rakia as a birthday present for a Bulgarian friend.
I enjoyed browsing your site; there’s a great selection.
Best wishes,


My dear Ivo
Despite ordering the martenitsas almost immediately upon receiving your February 22, 2021 email, I
just received the martenitsas this morning. [March 6, 2021] Between Covid, and violent weather,
the mail has been horrendous. That said, I gave my friend, Vesselin, the martenitsas today, and he
was absolutely touched, and delighted! Thanks to you!!!
I really appreciate your guidance in menu planning and of course, the martenitsas. Vess is very
important to me, as I have explained, and these little touches of home matter to him, and by
extension to me.
Thank you, again.
Your friend, Ellen


Hi. You have become my favorite website of late. The quality of your products are great and
the customer service [Ivo] FANTASTIC!
That said, I see that the Kozunak with Lokoum is still out of stock. Do you have any idea
when it will return. The mail here on the US east coast has been horrific of late, and I’d really
like to have it for Easter if at all possible.
Thank you for any input.


Dear Ivo,
I just wanted to let you know that our order arrived, and this time we were lucky and weren’t asked to pay anything at
the customs.
Thank you again!

Lana O.

Hi Ivo
Several years ago we visited Sofia and Plovdiv. We were amazed by the food, especially pork stew
(Kavarma?) and salads with yoghurt/dill. Every few months we like to cook / make these dishes at
home here in the UK
Best regards

Phil J.

The main reason we found you is because we were looking for chubrista for a recipe we want
to make. We love to cook foods from different cuisines and have never done Bulgarian. We
picked up some cheese and sausage as well to try.


I’m Bulgarian. And because it’s Covid and I can’t travel, I am buying certain Bulgarian foods.