Last updated: 11/10/2021

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Dear Ivo,
I absolutely love Sirene cheese and it’s impossible to buy that from Finland.
KR, Heidi


Peshterska grozdova is good.
Thank you!

Meggy H.

Hey Ivo,
I was married to a Bulgarian woman for a while and spent a fair amount of time in Sofia as
well as other parts of the country. I really enjoyed the food I had there. It’s very difficult to
find some of the ingredients here and I’ve really been craving the food I’ve grown to love. I’m
actually going to give some of the products I purchased from you to a local Polish / Eastern
European market I shop at to hopefully get them to buy products as well. I placed a small
order this time to see how your service is to be honest. I plan on ordering a lot more in the
future if things work out.


Hi Ivo,
I’m not bulgarian myself so i wil not order often mabey 2/3 times a year but i am a big bulgarian Fan.
With corona i was just missing my Menta 7up to much haha
With kind regards,
René W.

René W.

I am Bulgarian originally and I grew up in another country but with the culture, so I can not
live without Rakia, literally plus it is amazing to have these things which reminds me home.
Kind regards
Berker I.

Berker I.

Thanks Ivo for taking a time to ask about my interest in BG Food! My answer is simple I am
Bulgarian and here I miss many things that I love. I found you at internet and I thank you for
helping me having all the great things from our country! This was my first order but is not
gonna be the last! Jenny


We have loved the shopska salad since 2015 when we visited Sofia. We stocked up on
chubritsa and sharena sol while we were there, but are now starting to run out. Your store is
one of the only places we can purchase these items.
Thank you.
Tim E.

Tim E.

I was reading an article about Lyutenitsa and I knew I had to try it! I’m actually quite
fascinated with the pepper roaster used to make it – the countertop appliance but apparently
it’s not easy to acquire one here in the US. I love to try other foods from lands I have not
visited yet. I believe a start to learning about people and culture is through food!
I love having a direct source to foods not readily available at most places.
Thank you for reaching out,
Kevin H.

Kevin H.

We have booked a Danube River cruise through Viking. One of the countries it
stops in is Bulgaria. We are making a Bulgarian dinner on May 16th. I went on line
to get Bulgarian food recipes and have decided to make Gyuveche and Bulgarian
chicken. I thought that a Bulgarian wine for my guests would be a perfect addition.
I was too afraid to try rakia as I don not like oozo or akvavit. This is why I must receive
the Bulgarian wine before the dinner.

Nancy H.

Hi Ivo,
Thank you for your email, that is a good question to ask. I have been to Bulgaria and love
Bulgarian products that I want to buy them now during the pandemic too.