Last updated: 10/08/2020

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Zdravei Ivo,
thank you for your email, I’m actually very happy with the products and would order again

Rica D.

Got my order. That was good and quick. Thanks john


Fantastic, thank you!
I’d like to share with you that I have become a regular customer for Find BG Foods and given the way you handle customer issues, I foresee that I will be one for many years to come!
Thank you again!


I have a friend of Bulgarian heritage, she lost her mother last November. I used your recipes to give her a complete Bulgarian meal in her mothers memory for mothers day. I did a Google search and there was your site. The result was a huge success. Thank you.


Dear Ivo
I’ve put for the last 4 months, each month 2 orders.
I have always been very pleased with your products.


I am trying to find lukanka similar to that which my father used to make himself. He is older now and has no energy to make anymore.


Hallo Ivo. Ich liebe das Bulgarische Essen und die Getränke. Fahren jedes Jahr zweimal dorthin. Dieses Jahr geht es ja leider nicht. Vielleicht September. Wollen zu Hause die Bulgarische Küche geniessen.


I really like Bulgarian products.


The reason is that we love Bulgarian food and we can’t find it anywhere in Brisbane

Lyudmila I.

Hello Ivo,
That’s simple: We have adopted our son from Varna 😉