Last updated: 17/01/2022

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You’ve always been a big help; so easy to talk with about all things Bulgarian!
You’ve helped me make Vess happy in small but significant ways.
With kindest personal regards,


Dear Ivo,
there are more reasons than one.
I visited Bulgaria a few times, meet nice people there, eat good food and drink good alkohol
drinks, especially Troyanska Slivovitz 🙂
I found your website on internet when I was looking for Toyanska Slivovitz which I wanted to

Rafal T.

Hello Ivo
I found your site by chance and I am so pleased. My partner Yordan is Bulgarian and works
and lives with me here in Cornwall. We are both widowed and senior citizens and we met
when I visited friends in Bulgaria and have been together for 7 years.
I know he misses some of his Bulgarian treats and although we are able to purchase some
items in Cornwall there is not a lot of choice because not a lot of Bulgarians reside in
Cornwall now since Brexit. More Romanians and Polish people live in Cornwall.
I realise you are out of stock with some items but nevermind. Yordan does like his Rakia and
I have included this in the order.
What I was looking for was the Green Menthe (mehta) but could not find this. It is a great
favourite of ours.
Thank you for your time. I will give the parcel to him when it arrives as a big surprise
because he knows nothing about the order
Kind regards,
Lorraine R.

Lorraine R.

Hi Ivo
I love the Bulgarian culture the Bulgarian food and the Bulgarian people and most of all my Bulgarian
We are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary soon and I would like to surprise him with a few of the
Bulgarian delights that he loves and because of Covid we have not been able to visit Bulgaria in the last 2
Kind regards


Hi Ivo,
I had the pleasure to live and work in BG and somehow got a wife out of the deal. She is from
Starra Zagora. I was telling a colleague about the good food and decided he needs to try
lutinitsa with hot bread.

Brian T.

Hi, the main reason I buy Bulgarian food is because I miss it and we don’t have a BG food
store in Oklahoma.
Kind regards,


Hi Bulgarian food,
Thank you for your coupon. I was very happy with my first order and just placed another one.
Thank you


The best chicken soup I ever tasted was on a Rick Steves tour when we were hosted for lunch by a
Roma woman. Our guide gave us a packet of seasoning which turned out to be the secret element in the
soup: chubritsa. I got enough for me for this winter plus enough to share with friends. I made some
soup in October, and it was as good as ever! I’m glad that I don’t have to go back to Bulgaria to get
more. Thanks for carrying this.
Kendyll S.

Kendyll S.

Hi Ivo,
The reason i am buying rakia is because i like it and i cant get it in ireland even though there is bulgarian
food shops they dont seem to have regular stock, my wife is bulgarian and she introduced me to it many
years ago when i first visited bulgaria. I found your website while checking google were to buy rakia


Hi Ivo,
The reason is that I cannot find BG rakia near me in Massachusetts. I have also bought BG
food and drinks for gifts. I am Bulgarian myself so I like these goods. I found you via a google
Good luck,