Last updated: 18/01/2021

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Здравейте, Иво,
🙂 Съвсем случайно попаднах на Вашия уеб сайт и реших да опитам да поръчам, тъй като не
живея в България от доста време и голяма част от българските храни и напитки доста ми
липсват. Надявам се и в бъдеще да мога да работя с Вас.


Nice to hear from you. I love Bulgarian food and love Bulgarian woman so I married one. I
love my rakia with shopska, and my winter salad that I make homemade. I’ll send you a pic. I
was not able to make our cabbage leaves for surmi on xmas eve. On xmas eve we do not eat
anything that comes from an animal. I even make the bread without any eggs but, with the
coin in it and we pile on the Lutenitsa. I also love lukanka which I have not been able to buy at
our local European market. I tried you over Malincho because you have a nice selection and
Rakia. In the past I bought from an online store in Chicago but they have closed. I think it was
called Sofia liquor. Anyway I look forward to shopping at your store in the future as well.
Erick D.

Erick D.

I am a returning customer and Bulgarian.
Thank you for your service!
E Cardone

E. C.

Hi Ivo,
My ex-husband is Bulgarian and the kids and I spent a lot of summers in the village of Gostinia when they were
little. His family is from there, but even after his parents died, my children were connected to the families in their
village and we were always welcome. Having grown up in urban Canada, I had never been connected to home
grown food, so village life and the generosity behind sharing peppers, tomatoes, zucchini and onions warmed my
heart forever.
Now that I kids and I live in Canada and their father lives in Germany, my daughter found your web site to send him
Bulgarian food for Christmas. I think she wanted to connect with him and their shared community in Gostinia with
warmth and generosity. She is a wonderful daughter.
With warm regards,


Dear Ivi, I like Bulgarian food. Some members of my family are Bulgarian. They let me taste he Bulgarian food.

J.J. B.

I have ordered Bulgarian food and drinks for very special occasion – Christmas.
But the first reason is because I am Bulgarian and I would like to feel this special taste on Christmas. I live outside Bulgaria for many years and I will never forget where I am from. I am happy I can buy Bulgarian food and drinks online in the UK.
Thank you very much for doing this and thank you for the free book with recipes.
Kind regards


Bonjour IVO,
je vous commande des produits bulgares car mon mari est d origine Bulgare
et c’est toujours une grande joie pour lui de retrouver les gouts de son enfance
nous habitons dans le centre de la France et il est impossible de trouver des produits Bulgares
excellente journée à vous et prenez soin de vous


To feed Bulgarians at holiday times.

Jan P.

Looking for a gift and wanting to try it!


Dear Ivo,
Thank you for your e-mail. I purchase Bulgarian products because my daughter, Elena, was adopted from
Bulgaria when she was 10 years old, and she remembers many of the customs and foods from her native
country. We live in a suburb of Chicago, and I was surprised to learn that in nearby suburbs there is quite a
large Bulgarian community (which we have reached out to in the past). We have visited a few stores that sell
Bulgarian food and products and our family has enjoyed many of the foods that we purchased. I really should
learn how to cook some Bulgarian recipes! Now with the pandemic, I thought it would be a nice Christmas
present for Elena and our family to order some native Bulgarian items that she would enjoy and be familiar
with. I know she will be very surprised and happy when she sees them even though she is a 17 year old
teenager now!
Thank you for your inquiry and we look forward to our Bulgarian packageJ Merry Christmas and Happy New
Year to you and yours!
Best regards,
Julie C.

Julie C.