Last updated: 19/10/2020

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Hi Ivo!
Buying Bulgarian food is because my soul wants it. My Bulgarian one. I am born in Bulgaria and experienced through this taste unlimited love. And also it tastes fantastic!!!
Sardetchni posdravi

Teodora T.

Здравейте Иво,
Пиша ви на българки, защото предполагам, че вие сте българин.
Впечатлена съм от бързата ви реакция и изпълнение на поръчаката ми. Надявам се да дойде скоро, тъй като е подарък за съпруга ми. Той е американец, който е бил в България доста пъти и обужава ракия и луканка. За това ги поръчах. И на мен ми липсват българските храни особено сега, когато не можем да пътуваме до България заради глобалната епидемия.
За вас разбрах от братовчед ми в България.
Благодаря ви за интереса относно причината да поръчам български продукти. Те са уникални и съм сигурна че липсват на всеки един емигрант. Радвам се, че има хора като вас, които правят възможно да се почувстваме по-близо до  родината с български вкусотии и с ракия.


Hi Ivo
I am British but my partner is Bulgarian and I have had the pleasure to be able to come to
Bulgaria a good few times over the last 2 years and our son loves the food here too. It’s just
not quite the same in the U.K.
Our son is quite a picky eater and to say he enjoys the Bulgarian food as well as I do and my
partner obviously, I just wanted to see if I was able to order the things he likes and it seems we
can so I am happy and greatful that we are able to order and ship to the U.K.
Thank you again


Good day!
I was browsing in search for Bulgarian food items and landed on your website. The kebabcheta listing caught my attention. Thank you.


When my wife was 21 years old she lived in Bulgaria for 18 months as a missionary for our church. I was also a missionary for two years but I was in Japan. In the United States it is easy to find Japanese food, but it is very difficult to find Bulgarian food. We are very excited to find your website so that we could purchase some Bulgarian food and I could try some of the recipes that she remembered!


Българка съм и готвя българска храна вкъщи.


We have been receiving alcohol from your company in the last several years. The rakia and the wine are the
most important !
Thank you,


Hallo Ivo,
mir schmecken Bulgarische Gerichte.
Ich habe Sie bei Google gefunden.
Mit freundlichen Grüßen

Frank P.

My wife, daughter and myself love Bulgarian food and drink. My daughter and wife are
Bulgarian and we live in Australia.

Jim C.

Hi Ivo,
I was born in Bulgaria. Have resided in the US since 1984.
Answer: These are the foods I grew up with 🙂