Last updated: 08/08/2022

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Искам да направя подарък на приятел и да му покажа какви вкусотии има в България


Hi Ivo,
I want to order more rakia! I just keep forgetting.


Bulgarian food is characterized by its beautiful taste, high quality and focus on nutritional value, and it is healthy


This is the first time I am getting to send my little brother Bulgarian food which he liked as a child and it is
very important to me. I haven’t seen him in years. Mnogo blagodarq!
Viktoriya C.

Viktoriya C.

Thank you for answering all of my questions
I was expecting an increase of price on my end because other items are definitely more expensive, so I do
appreciate it very much that you gave me the discount on the changed items. You also made good choices as I
know my brother would like those items as well!
Thank you very much for your wonderful customer service and I will be buying more from you in the future If
there is a way to write a good review, let me know and I will help you out.
Kind regards,
Viktoriya C.

Viktoriya C.

Hi Ivo,
I lived some time in Roumania and visited Bulgaria many years back.
I did like the various Balkan cuisines and specialties and want to try various things that I
Rgds, Rudi


Chestita Nova godina — bydete zdravi i bodri!
Bylgarka sym, kupuvam na vashija sajt neshtata, koito obicham — bg kiselo mljako,
sirene, kjopoolu… Vyznamerjavam i zanapred da byda vash klient — mislja, che
tova e smisylyt na vashija vypros, poslednata mi porychka e otgovor na vashija mail
po povod Nova godina, smjatam da pravja po-golemi porychki.
Zhelaja vi zdrave i uspeh!
Svetoslava P.

Svetoslava P.

I bought some tipical Bulgarian products because my girlfriend and future wife is from Lom.
she was missing some food and products and since we live in Sweden is very difficult to find
any here. I was looking for a website where to buy Bulgarian products to make her a surprise
and i saw the website and by browsing I saw a lot of nice things and I decided to make her a
little gift

Francesco V.

Thank you so much for your quick reply! Will check out the US site.
Trying to make my Serbian friends feel more at “home” in the US.
Take care!


When I was traveling in Bulgaria a few years ago, I learned how to make banitsa at the home
of a lovely lady. I’ve tried making it at home but the phyllo dough I get from my local
supermarket is much thinner and flimsier than what she used (there are usually two rolls of 14
sheets in the 1-lb. supermarket package).
Is the phyllo dough that you sell thicker? I usually have to use 2-3 sheets to get the same
sturdiness but then the banitsa just doesn’t cook properly. Thank you.

Kathy J.

Kathy J.