Last updated: 26/07/2021

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Zdravei Adash 🙂
Ami osnovnata prichina e tova che sme sviknali,izrasnali….s tezi vkusove i prez godinite te ni
lipsvat…kato aromat ,vkus i tarsim variant da podarjame tazi ni naslada 🙂 /Nerushima vrazka
kam tradiciite i Rodinata.
Rakiyata e Nad politikata
Rakıya e imalo predi nas
Rakıya shte ima i sled nas
Upset I vsichko nai dobro

Ivaylo S.

Dear Ivo,
The number one reason that I order from you is that I am born in Bulgaria (quite a few years
ago) and I am missing some typical things such as Sirene and Sudjuk.
By the way, I am not a new client. I’ve been with you since 2019
Best Wishes,


Hi Ivo,
The spinach Bista is fine.
We really do appreciate the service.


The chubritas was good!
Darlene J.

Darlene J.

Overall great. As you know we didn’t receive a couple things but you quickly resolved that.
everything was great.

Steve A.

I grew up in Bulgaria and miss the food very much. I’m looking forward to getting plenty more. Can’t wait to try some of them when they become available.

Ivan S.

Looking for rakia – thanks

Chris H.

Everything tasted so great! My husband is from Serbia so it was a great surprise for him to
have similar foods! Will be ordering again!

Jaycie W.

Hello, Ivo
In my childhood I was living in Varna with my parents who were working there.
Bulgarian dishes, sirene, cheese, lukanka,
the smell of baked peppers in autumn, the Bulgarian spice’s aroma and BOSA!!!
It is very pity that there was no Bosa in the sale now…
I am waiting for my order! Thank you for the opportunity to buy Bulgarian products.
Kind regards, Natalia


I purchased some items from you for a relative in the US. So far the feedback about your
products is great. I think one of the meet products was a little bit too raw but I don’t have
details. I will definitely order again.
All the best