Last updated: 21/09/2020

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Prima di tutto anch’io sono Bulgara. Sono tanti anni che sono qui in italia io e mia madre e sentivamo la mancanza del nostro cibo bulgaro. Il vostro sito lo trovato per caso dopo tante ricerche. E volevo sapere se spedite anche in Italia.

Mimma A.

Hi Ivo,
The answer is to surprise my Bulgarian wife 😉
I am Dutch but also really love Bulgarian food and drinks. Due to the Corona virus it is not possible to travel to Bulgaria ourselves and to visit the Bulgarian supermarket in The Hague is not that easy also.
You have a really nice assortiment of Bulgarian treasures!
Look forward to your package with the drinks.


Hello Ivo,
Thank you for your email.
I have several fiends who introduce me to cooking and trying different recipes of Bulgarian
Will definitely buy more.
Thank you

Darina Y.

My sister has a house there and we love the cheese and other foods just not the same when you buy it at home

Susanne P.

Hi Ivo,
I hope you and your business are doing well despite all that’s going on, it’s a brilliant business
and can’t wait to be able to order things regularly!
Best regards,


You asked me why I would buy Bulgarian food or drink. It depends on the corona-virus. As we are locked to our
homes and not allowed to travel in Europe we (me and four of my friends) travel culinary. We are making food
from different countres and sitting round a dinner-table and listen to music from that country and have a good
time. We try to take the countries in alphabetic order and we have already been to Albania, Belgium and now we
plan to ”go to” Bulgaria. We think that we will have Gyuvech, Sarga and Ob chorba and Mekitsi.
That is why…
Sincerely Yours

Per Ake L.

My Dear Ivo
I lived in Bulgaria for five years in the early eighties,Vitosha,.Panporovo ,Zlatny Piasets and
my Bulgarien friends left an impression on me ,still admire Bulgarian food and drinks,I never
ordered from your site, I hope the quality of the Rakia stands out .I had my share of bad
experiences with tempered with Rakia before .


Thank you. We’ll look forward having a glass of rakia with our shoppe salad this summer. Nazdrave!

Jane M.

I am a bulgarophile, love the culture, as well as the freshness and unique taste of Bulgarian
products, which are hard to buy in countries where there is no Bugarian diaspora.
I just googled you and gave it a try.
Looking forward to the delivery and I hope my feedback is useful.
Best regards,


Hi Ivo,
I am glad to give you the number one reason that I buy bulgarian mastika : it’s because I like very much this drink
I discovered in Bulgaria when I visited my son who was working there some years ago.
Each time we were in Sofia, we brought back mastika bottles.
Unhappily, I don’t succeed to find mastika in Paris, so I decided to try on line purchase and I saw your website.
Best regards,